The Beastformers Blog in the new decade 2020

Happy New Year!

A new decade has started, hope you had a good start of 2020?
Time for the Pillager Pig (2019) to pass on the responsibilities to the Beast for 2020, and since this is the Year of the Rat and there´s no official Rat among the Battle Beasts this years honor went to Powerhouse Mouse. On the header image you can see the accolade ceremony that had place on Planet Beast on January 1st of 2020, with the Pig tapping the shoulder of the Mouse with its weapon. This year it´ll be up to the ¨Rat.¨

As some of you might have seen via Instagram The White Rabbit had a great NYE with a beautiful, eco-friendly, imaginary fireworks that lit the whole sky on Planet Beast thanks to the Pugnacious Penguin Army. They also took care of the decoration of the main header on the Beastformers Blog which will be around until the 10th of January.

January 1st literally was a Fresh start of the year;

Time to look ahead into this freshly new decade but not before reviewing the last year, a quick look back at the Beastformers Blog in 2019.

Review 2019
2019 has been a very active year here on the Beastformers Blog not only in posts, new pages and updates because of the #the22ndontheBeastformersBlog marathon but also because of the number of visitors and views. It can´t be a surprise that there is probably a relationship between the number of visitors and the number of more new posts but even without those new posts the Beastformers Blog seems to be found and consulted more and more by BB fans from all over the world. Because even though 2018 already passed the successful year of 2017 with pretty serious numbers reaching almost 3000 visitors from 65 different countries 2019 did even better;

¨In 2019 the Beastformers Blog was visited/consulted
by more than 3500 visitors from 76(!!) different countries all over the world¨

Again record breaking numbers for the 6th year in a row, a big chunk of it might be the result of the marathon that´s held and which received a lot of positive feedback of people really looking forward to the 22nd of each month knowing a new post, page or update would follow. Here´s a quick look at all the headers of all 12 different releases on every 22nd of the month in 2019;

Which one was you favorite?

Of course all of these posts, pages and updates will remain present on the Beastformers Blog so even if you haven´t had the time to check them yet you can look for them at any moment in time. Even if they don´t appear on the homepage anymore you can always scroll down and click on the button Older Posts to see posts from the past. And in case you´re searching for an older one using the Search option on the right might be just as easy to use.

Apart from the success of the marathon let´s not forget there were also two releases of BB related lines. Well actually there was one re-release of the Megantik which suddenly showed up again out of nowhere here: The RE-Return of the Megantik and a real release of the Glow In The Dark Rise of the Beasts figures; A NEW Rise of the Beasts release in amazing colors. Via the LittleRubberGuysStore they are still available for those who missed them.

The Golden Ticket / 1000 Followers on @Beastformers
One of the milestones reached in 2019 was the fact that the Official Instagram page of the Beastformers Blog reached 1000 followers. And therefore a special Golden Ticket contest was held in March 2019. A fun contest based on the Beastformers Battle game and the winner received a number of Points which could be used to select items from the special Golden Ticket Booth that was only opened temporarily. It´s been a success and let´s hope the winner is still enjoying his prices.

The Beastformers Battle Special which was part of the Golden Ticket contest was one of the many Beastformers Battles in 2019 because EVERY Sunday, solid, there was a fresh Battle for fans to look out for. And this continuous posting on the Sundays has resulted in the fact that also here a milestone was crossed in 2019 with 100+ Beastformers Battles released;

The White Rabbits´ IG Favorites of 2019
Via Instagram the best nine, most liked, images have already been shared but as before that´s not always in line with the personal view and preference of The White Rabbit. On the right you can see the 9 favorite posts on Instagram of The White Rabbit in random order. Of course it includes a lot of Rabbits and even some ¨selfies¨ but also just some awesome Battle Beasts shots.

Personal favorite is probably the shot from January 1st 2019 with the White Rabbit showing its respect to the New Year in front of the Kadomatsu (part of the Japanese new years tradition). It´s showing serenity and respect for the origin country of the Beasts.

And last but not least towards the end of 2019 there was the reveal of a fun custom project with the Beastformers Mogwai.

Needles to say it´s been an active and fun year on the Beastformers Blog which makes it even better to see it´s all much appreciated looking at the new record that´s been set. Let´s try to beat it again in 2020!

Thanks for the support, visits, likes and comments in 2019!



Review 2020
Although 2019 was a success with the the 22nd of the month marathon this is something that will NOT return in 2020. As some of you might´ve noticed The White Rabbit has been struggling to reach some of the deadlines for the marathon last year, maybe it´s in the name, it did make it in time but due to that some posts/pages have not been as perfect as they could´ve been. It´s a bit of a shame when some proper research translates into posts or pages which feel a bit sloppy or are not as good as they could´ve been because of a deadline. This is one of the main reasons why the marathon idea is abandoned. It´d simply not do justice to the Beastformers Blog if certain things are rushed because its supposed to stay out here for much longer and it´ll hopefully be consulted by many of you for many years to come. Maybe you noticed it in some of the 22nd posts maybe not but it has to be better.

But no worries, this does obviously not mean there won´t be any new posts or pages added in 2020. There are some awesome things to share with you this year as well it just won´t be on a scheduled date anymore, sorry for those of you who kept refreshing the page every 22nd but now you might get surprised when you don´t expect it. Reason in enough to keep checking on the Beastformers Blog!

New Checklist pictures
With the term quality dropped it´s also about time the checklist get updated with better/new pictures because the current version which has been around for years with the Beasts showing in a Black and White background setting (Check by clicking on the Series 1, 2, 3 or 4 button on the right side of the main page) might be a little outdated? Of course it´s done back in the days in line with the looks of the whole blog and it does do its job but maybe any of the options below would be better?

If you would look for a Battle Beasts checklist that is complete and solid for a new decade which option would you prefer?

Thanks for your input!


General notice for 2020
Similar to last year some same topics return. The Beastformers Shop out on the Beastformers Blog isn´t of a very big importance and it´s been considered more than once to shut it down but it´ll stay around as is because it´s an integrated part of the Blog and it´s easier to leave it around and update it somewhere in the future if needed than to remove it and bring it back later. Although it might not look like it the shop is up to date and the items shown are available.

The Feedback page has received it´s own button on the main page so it´s easier to access and find. Apart from the Feedback shared out here you can also check LRG or #BeastformersFeedback for Feedback experiences of fellow collectors who´ve been buying or trading anything.

And as always…
The ever present but still unused Donation Button. It will remain around in the hope that this decade it might happen that a Battle Beasts fan or collector decides to show some appreciation by supporting the Beastformers Blog with a little donation. No worries also without donations the Beastformers Blog will stay freely accessible for everyone but if you wish to support this platform with a few Dollars, Euros, Yen or whatever currency it´d be much appreciated. For more information check; Why the Donation Button?

Our Official Social Media channel @Beastformers (Instagram and Twitter ONLY) will remain the same and stay active during 2020 as well to update you with news and pictures regarding the Blog and Battle Beasts in general. You can always consult/contact The White Rabbit via those channels if you have Battle Beasts related questions or use the contact option on the Beastformers Blog. Keep in mind that there are NO Official accounts related to the Beastformers Blog on Facebook!

And similar to last year, a note:

Please use the Search option
Even though most of the main subjects on the Beastformers Blog are organized and added to the menu in the bar above some of the quick posts are not added or subdivided within the menu. This is done on purpose to prevent extremely long pop out menu´s showing up but the downside of that is that these posts might get out of sight while they are still there. So if there´s something you can´t find via the menu please try to fill in some catchwords or search terms via the Search box on the right to see if there might be any results in most cases you´ll probably get one or more hits and if you don´t feel free to ask. You can use the contact options mentioned in the menu or reach out to the White Rabbit via social media.

The Beastformers Blog is ready to enter a new decade and with already some great stories and finds on the shelves ready to be published in 2020 it´ll become an interesting year to start the decade with.

Enjoy the Beasts!

The Beastformers Team


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