Once your purchase request for an item from the Beastformer Shop has been confirmed you are obliged to understand the Beastformer Shop Policy and agree with the Terms & Conditions that apply to all purchases made within the Beastformer Shop mentioned on this page.

The general Policy for the Beastformer Shop is applicable for the whole shop but with two locations in two different countries it is clear there are some differences on certain levels. In order to give you a good insight in what to expect when you purchase something from one location there is a clear division made below;


When you purchase something from the
WEST location please keep in mind the following;

Shipping & Handling costs
ALL packages of the Beastformer Shop WEST will be shipped with PostNL (Dutch Post) according to their Standard Package Service WITH Tracking

Current rates:
Package with Tracking World Wide €30*
Package with Tracking within EU €15

PAYMENT Currency:

ONLY PayPal Payments made in EUROS () are accepted by Beastformer Shop WEST


When you purchase something from the EAST location please keep in mind the following;


Shipping & Handling costs
ALL packages of the Beastformer Shop EAST will be shipped with Kuroneko (Japanese Postal Service) according to their TA-Q-BIN service WITH Tracking

Current rates:
Package with Tracking World Wide ¥2750**

PAYMENT Currency:
ONLY PayPal Payments made in Japanese YEN (¥) are accepted by Beastformer Shop EAST

* Due to the current COVID-19 situation PostNL has (temporarily) increased the International Shipping price with €5 from €25 to €30 due to a reduced amount of International flights resulting in higher costs for transportation.

** Due to the current COVID-19 situation EMS Japan has (temporarily) suspended it´s Shipping service to various locations World Wide, including the US, therefore at this moment Kuroneko is the only suitable shipping solution from Japan.


The exact shipping costs will be communicated with the confirmation of the order because the shipping prices are always specifically calculated based upon location, size and weight of the item.
ALL packages will be send out WITH Tracking.

Shipping service or instructions
In case you wish a specific shipping service, have additional shipping instructions or requests please let it know as soon as possible.

Shipping time*
Please keep in mind that your item will be shipped from the Netherlands or Japan and that depending on your location the shipping time might vary from a few days to up to 3 to 4 weeks so please be patient.

Handling time
Items will be prepared for shipping within 3 business days after cleared payment is received.
Tuesday & Thursday have been set as the standard International shipping days.

Import Taxes
The Beastformer Shop Team cannot be held responsible for the extra costs of import taxes or services charged by the customs support of your country. Please check for possible import rules in your country concerning the item you purchase within the Beastformer Shop BEFORE purchasing.

Due to shipping experiences in the past some specific countries are excluded from shipping just like the complete continent of Africa. It is possible your purchase request will get rejected because of the given shipping location! If you live in CANADA please read**

* Especially during the current COVID-19 situation it is possible that International packages will be facing serious delays. For PostNL the average shipping time to the US has been increased to 50 days but delays up to 2 months or more are to be expected in the worst case. Please make sure to be aware of this and check with your local shipping company whether they have any delays or problems due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

** Since Canada Post is dealing with serious processing problems as a result of the COVID-19 restrictions there are (temporarily) no packages being send to Canada!


PayPal payment ONLY. Payment must be send within 3 workdays after you have received a final confirmation from the Beastformer Shop Team which will include the total price for the item including shipping. ALL buyers are requested to have a verified PayPal account connected to a confirmed shipping address. Items will only be shipped to verified and confirmed addresses!
All sales are final and returns are not accepted so please ask all questions PRIOR to your purchase.

All agreed prices are based upon the item price + the exact shipping cost to your location. This means that the total price you will receive with the confirmation is the exact amount which has to be received by the Beastformer Shop. The buyer is kindly requested to cover the PayPal costs for the transaction which means only payments that are send as a GIFT (Family or Friends Option in PayPal) will be accepted. In case you might not have this Gift option within your PayPal environment, since it is not available for a limited amount of countries, an additional 7% over the total amount will be charged to cover the PayPal costs for the transaction. In case payment is send the normal way you will be requested once to send an additional payment to cover the PayPal costs and otherwise the total amount you paid will be REFUNDED and the purchase will be CANCELED.

Depending on the Beastformer Shop location the ONLY accepted currency is Euro (WEST) and Japanese Yen (EAST). Due to the variable conversion rates, the different outcomes of various types of currency converters used and the cost it brings to have other currency converted into EUROS or YEN by PayPal all payments send in other currencies will be automatically REFUNDED and the purchase will be CANCELED. The total amount and in which currency it has to be send will be clearly communicated.



The condition (C.. rating) of the item will always be clearly described in the description below the item on Instagram and clear pictures will be provided or are available upon request. The Beastformer Shop Team is using the Grading System from the Beastformers Blog to determine the actual Condition of the item. Please check the GRADING SYSTEM page for more detailed information.

The Beastformer Shop Team appreciates all honest and fair feedback.
For the Beastformer Shop there are two possibilities to leave Feedback;

1. Leave Feedback by posting a picture of your purchase from the Beastformer Shop on Social Media (Instagram/Twitter/Facebook) accompanied by the #BeastformerShopFeedback followed by a little comment about your experience.

2. Leave Feedback by leaving a rating and/or comment on the Beastformer Shop FEEDBACK page here on the Beastformers Blog.

By leaving Feedback and sharing your experiences you are not only supporting the Beastformer Shop but it also helps other collectors by providing them with inside information so it might be easier for them to decide to purchase something from the Beastformer Shop as well, or not.

In the case the Beastformers Team is, due to unexpected circumstances, not able to fulfill the above mentioned time expectations you will always be informed about possible delays as soon as possible.

For any remaining questions please feel free to contact the Beastformer Shop Team via any of the provided CONTACT options and we will get back with an answer as soon as possible.

Please ask all questions PRIOR to your purchase!

You are kindly requested to be fully aware of the Beastformer Shop Policy as mentioned above before submitting a purchase request with the Beastformer Shop. In case you might somehow not be able to fulfill the requirements that come with your purchase please CONTACT the Beastformer Shop Team as soon as possible.

The Beastformer Shop Team