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It is mentioned that the Beastformer Shop has NO followers but if I look at the account I can still see there is 1 Follower?
Correct! In order to keep an eye out and to monitor the Beastformer Shop account at all times the
@Beastformers (Official Instagram Account of the Beastformers Blog) will ALWAYS be Following the Beastformer Shop Instagram Account. Noticed that the Beastformer Shop is also Following 1 Account? You can probably guess who that is now as well… This ALSO makes that once the Beastformer Shop is open exclusively for those with early access there is a maximum of 10+1 = 11 Followers!

I submitted a Follow Request via Instagram in order to get early access once the Beastformer Shop opens but I have not received any reaction; confirmation or rejection, at all?
That is possible. Please keep in mind that once the Beastformer Shop opens it is fully stocked right away which means that the ¨doors¨ will literally open the moment the Pop Up date and time is reached and there will be no active posts placed during the moment it is open. This means that during the Private Mode the Beastformer Shop Team is working on restocking and reorganizing the Instagram account. In order not to interfere with this and bother you with disappearing or new posts all the time ALL of the Follow Requests will receive a confirmation or rejection as soon as the Shop has opened! Those who are granted early access will be the first to receive their confirmation followed by the rejections for those who are not granted access at that time. If you are rejected please know that in a week the Beastformer Shop will be visible and you will always have another chance at early access in the future since there is no limit to the amount of Follow Requests you can submit.

I got early access because of an Accepted Follow Request OR started Following the Beastformer Shop Account during the moment it was Public but suddenly I am not Following anymore?
As you might know, and as mentioned on the About page, the Beastformer Shop suddenly Pops Up but it can also suddenly disappear again. This is the elusive character of the Beastformer Shop which makes it a challenge to Follow it! The moment the Beastformer Shop closes and turns back into a PRIVATE Account ALL Followers including the ones with the early access will be removed. Of course you can always TRY to Follow it again once it returns!

How can I stay in touch or inform about my Purchase once the Beastformer Shop goes back into PRIVATE mode?
Of course this does not mean you cannot Contact the Beastformer Shop anymore. Even if you are removed as a Follower of the Beastformer Shop (see previous Question) you can still send a DM (Direct Message) via Instagram to the Beastformer Shop Account. And alongside the option to contact the Beastformer Shop Team via Instagram DM you can always reply to the email with the Tracking Information you have received.

I am looking for a specific item but it is not available (anymore) in the Beastformer Shop can you still help me?
For specific item requests you can always reach out to the Beastformer Shop Team because it is our intention to help fellow collectors as good as we can. And even though at that moment we might not have the item you are looking for in the Beastformer Shop there is a possibility we do have it available and if not we will try to get it for you in time. Nothing is impossible so feel free to reach out and who knows!

I noticed that all items in the Beastformer Shop are complete and of a pretty high condition, do you also offer loose items or items in a lower condition?
The Beastformer Shop Team strives to list the best possible items in the Beastformer Shop so you will not see any loose Laser Beasts or items with serious condition issues listed. BUT that doesn´t mean we can´t help you because most of the time we do have loose figures around that didn´t meet the standards for the Beastformer Shop but which are available. So if you are looking for just figures and don´t mind a few little issues you can always reach out. Do to the fact that loose laserguns are much harder to find those will NOT be available as a loose item because the ones we might have are kept aside to complete with a figure again in the future, sorry.

I am a (new) collector and interested in collecting this toy line but not directly interested in the exclusive Beasts that are offered in the Beastformer Shop can you help me with the Battle Beasts or Lower Laser Beasts as well?
The Beastformer Shop is there to help the ¨more advanced¨ collector with the harder to find pieces like Exclusive or Premium Beasts. If you are looking for anything else please reach out to @Beastformers on Instagram or ask for it via the Contact option on the Beastformers Blog. It might also be interesting for you to read this; ¨From Battle Beasts to Laser Beasts¨

With the Beastformer Shop having two locations how do I know which item is where?
On ALL of the items listed in the Beastformers Shop on Instagram you will find a little stamp in the upper left or bottom right corner that clearly mentions WEST or EAST.

I am interested in two or multiple items but they are at a different location is it possible to have them combined?
We strongly advice you to reach out in order to see if the concerning item might also be around at the other location. If that is the case and the replacement item at the other location is to your liking as well of course combining them is not problem. But in all other cases it is NOT possible to create one combined package with items from the two locations for obvious reasons, sorry. Try to combine items from one location!

How long does it take to get a final confirmation on my purchase request?
Due to the fact we are dealing with two locations there will ALWAYS be an extra check with the WEST or EAST Shop before confirming your purchase. It can take a maximum of 48 hours before you will receive a final confirmation of this. Until that moment the item will be marked as RESERVED for you.

Would it be possible to pay in parts?
The Beastformer Shop does offer partial payment in order to help out fellow collectors purchasing a certain item or multiple items. A payment plan will always be custom made in consultation with you so reach out to see what is possible in order to get you the item you want. Keep in mind that a payment plan is ONLY possible with a down payment to provide certainty for both sides!


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