Series 4 (1987-1988)

Serie 4
                    RELEASED                  AVAILABILITY
24 Figures                     1987 -1988                 Japan, North-America and Europe

More info about the markings that can be found on the figures within this serie is provided after the digital catalogue of Series 4 below.  For general information have a look at the header Laser Beasts.

¨Lower 12″
(#77 – #89)¨


¨Mid 12 (#90 – #100)¨


¨High-end 12 (#101 – #112)¨


The Fourth series of Battle Beasts got another name due a change in design they became the so called Laser Beasts or Shadow Warriors. A complete series was only available in Japan during the late ’80s. This series contained 36 figures (#77 – #112). To describe the release and rareness of these figures the best way it is the easiest to cut the 36 figures in 3 parts knowing the lower 12 (#77 – #88), the middle 12 (#89 – #100) and the so called 12 high end figures (#101 – #112). The lower 12 were the most widespread of this line because outside Japan they were available in North America and a few European countries. Outside Japan, France was the only other country in the world to welcome the middle 12 figures. Remaining only the last 12 figures that can be seen as Japanese exclusives knowing they were only available in their land of origin, Japan. On these Serie 4 figures the first twelve were marked © Takara 1987 – © 1987 Hasbro  © while the other 24 had the © Takara 1988 – © 1988 Hasbro mark can on their feet, and like the Serie 3 figures also their number is located there which also showed on their weapon. It is possible you will also find a small letter A, B, C on the feet after the number of this figure and this is referring to the production run in which this figure was made because in case a mold would break another one was produced to continue the production. Like the Series 2 and 3 figures also the peg-hole in the bottom of the left foot can be found on the Series 3 figures this was usefull to place the figure on some of the vehicles or playsets connected to this line, in this particular case it were the Battle Sleds. In some cases a sticker [中国製] can be found on the bottom of one of the feet. This is referring to the fact of it being a genuine figure from Japan. It literally means; ”Made in China”, which seems a bit ironic but it makes more sense knowing all figures from the Japanese line were produced in China.


#77 ブルーイーグル Blue Eagle, #78 スパークシャーク Spark Shark, #79 サイロン RHINOCIRON (f.ka. Sailon)*, #80 アナーキー Anarchy, #81 タイガーバーン Tiger Burn, #82 コンドラシン Condorassin, #83 グランドウルフ GRAND WOLF (f.k.a. Ground Wolf)*, #84 フライセイラー Fly Sailor, #85 ザリガニアン CRAYFISHAN (f.k.a. Zariganian)*, #86 レインボーサム RAINBOW PARROT (f.k.a. Rainbow Sam)*, #87 シュール SURREAL (f.k.a. Shool)*, #88 ブレインマウス Brain Mouse

#89 ブラウンライオン Brown Lion, #90 グレンキャッツ CRIMSON CAT (f.k.a. Grencats), #91 ファイトホーン Fight-Horn, #92 ハッスルベア Hustlebear, #93 バトルフェネック Battle Fennec, #94 キラーハウンド Killer Hound, #95 ドラゴンシーホーン Dragon Seahorn, #96 ストロングハリケーン Strong Hurricane, #97 シーパニック Sea Panic, #98 パズルカラー Puzzlecolor, #99 マントフレンジー MANTLE FRENZY (f.k.a. Mantfrenzy), #100 スコープクーガー Scope Cougar

#101 スカルグロテス SKULL GROTESQUE (f.k.a. Skull Grotess), #102 キングバスター King Buster, #103 スラッグキング Slag King, #104 ジーラモンキー Jeerer Monkey, #105 ホーンヘッド Hornhead, #106 モンキーファイター Monkey-Fighter, #107 フライングドラゴン Flying Dragon, #108 キックバック Kickback, #109 スカイバット Skybat, #110 グリーンレイファー GREEN RAYFER (f.k.a. Grin-Reefer), #111 サーモマンサー SALMOMANCER (f.k.a. Salmomanther), #112 ダイノゲーター Dino Gator


* In May 2020 after the publication of the; ¨Renaming the Laser Beasts¨ post the new corrected Laser Beast names have been updated in the checklist.


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  1. Most impressive. The end of 2015 I was able to “finish” the BB’s. I have now made my purchase to get my 3rd and 4th LB!! There goes my bank account.

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