The Beastformers Checklist

In order to make the Beastformers Checklist fit into the Beastformers Blog nicely there will be some maintenance going on during the first period. Sorry for the inconvenience but it´s for a good cause!

The Final location of the #BeastformersChecklist can be found HERE

One week ago, on Sunday January 31, 2021, the #BeastformersBattle series ended (for now) on Instagram. Check the previous post: The End for the #BeastformersBattle. A weekly Game, posted EVERY Sunday, on @Beastformers and based on the original Battle Beasts (Fire, Wood, Water) idea from the 80´s. This 21st century Social Media version of a Battle Beasts Battle has been Fun but it´s time for something new, something more informative and in line with the Beastformers Blog.

Today, February 7, 2021, a new hashtag the; #BeastformersChecklist is introduced!

This will become the new Sundays series on @Beastformers and alongside that it´ll be part of a much needed update here on the Beastformers Blog.


In order to make this new series Social Media proof and easy to find this hashtag has been chosen to make things easier and once finished it´ll make that you have a definitive checklist for your Battle Beasts collection at an arms length away on Instagram (and maybe Twitter)! ONCE FINISHED… because this is a time consuming project that has to be done right which means that in line with the previous Sunday series the idea is to post a new Beast to this new checklist every Sunday. Yes this does mean that it´ll take a while before the Beastformers checklist is fully complete but it also makes that it will be very specific and accurate. And this is something that is much needed because ALL of the checklists in existence, including the one here on the Beastformers Blog is outdated and/or not accurate enough.

Accuracy and Details
As some of you might know the large majority of Battle Beasts has been produced in China for TAKARA (JP) and HASBRO (US/CA/EU) BUT not all of them… And this is one of the crucial ¨details¨ that makes that an accurate checklist, for those who care about such details, is much needed. Alongside that there´s NO proper visual checklist out there that shows all the original names for each Beasts in the various languages they´ve been available, to what Transformer Faction they belong and last but not least… do you know the name of each weapon? Or did you even know these had names as well? Reasons enough to look out for a new post every Sunday on @Beastformers and to check back here on the Beastformers Blog with the Beastformers Checklist taking shape as well one Beast at a time.

All of this is being done in dialogue with the Beastformers Archaeology Team to ensure all of the information has been properly verified according to the current knowledge about this line, because we keep learning.

When does it start?
The idea for this Beastformers Checklist has been in the making for a while (since 2019…) as it´s been clear that the checklist with the Black and White background shots out here is outdated and not providing the info people might need apart from just a picture. Over the last months up to the last weeks the actual design (sneak preview below) and how the checklist should be shaped have been fine tuned and it´s literally yesterday that the final layout for it had been finished and agreed on. It´s nothing too spectacular but it had to be efficient in line with the design of the Blog and do justice to the Battle Beasts. Due to all this it was a too short notice for the first Beast to be posted today so from next Sunday February 14 2021 EVERY Sunday a new Beast will be added to the #BeastformersChecklist

You might have already seen the logo created for this new Beastformers Checklist but if not here it is;

Simple but clear. It shows a Beast of each Series in Silhouette referring to how they´ll be pictured in the checklist and with the new #BeastformersChecklist integrated in the logo as well. Over the next period this logo will find it´s place within the Beastformers Blog main header and it´ll hopefully become a much appreciated and often consulted checklist for the whole BB Community.

WHERE to look?
In order to consult the Beastformers Checklist you can either look on the Instagram (and possibly Twitter this is not sure yet) by simply searching for the concerning hashtag #BeastformersChecklist (which you can also Follow) or here on the Beastformers Blog where the new Beastformers Checklist will gradually take over the current checklist. The Series 1,2,3 and 4 buttons on the main page which will lead you directly to each individual Series will remain so no changes there.

Sneak Preview
Before ending this post here´s a little preview of what you can expect, over the next few days leading to next Sunday this design will be made Instagram proof as well but this is the way how it´ll turn out here on the Beastformers Blog. The White Rabbit has the honor to introduce it;

A basic and simple design, in line with the design of the Beastformers Blog where the colorful Beasts will always be the center of the attention, but efficient and informative. In the black bar on the right you´ll find all main information about the concerning Beast. Than for the Battle Beasts a Transformers faction ¨sticker¨ is applied to show to which faction that concerning Beast belongs. And in the left white bar you´ll find the information about the Weapon name of that concerning Beast. A more in depth explanation and designation of each name and why this is the chosen layout will follow alongside with the first post next Sunday.

A frustration…
And last but not least it is important to tell/know that with when detailed pictures of Beasts are taken it´s clear that once you look at the blown up images on a large screen of a figure that´s in reality on 2 inch a LOT of annoying details become visible. For the photo shoot of the Beastformers Checklist Beasts from the Beastformers Collection will be used. Beasts that have been selected over time out of multiple Beasts assuming they´d be as good as it gets, for as far as that´s possible for 30+, almost 35, year old toys. BUT the harsh reality is that even the Beasts within this collection have issues at such a scale. This might be a personal frustration being a perfectionist and trying to compose the best checklist possible but just so you know there will be minor issues visible simply because that´s the way even though it might not be noticeable for the majority.

See you back next week here or on Instagram via @Beastformers?
Until then…

Enjoy the Beasts!

The Beastformers Team

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