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33 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. Another wonderful experience. I look forward to many more interactions. Everything was well packaged and shipped quickly. Thank you so much.

  2. Have bought a lot of beasts several times over the last year. Always a great buying experience! Thanks a lot 🙂

  3. A nice trade, I bought some beasts, everything was alright and quickly shipped ! Thanks a lot !

  4. What an amazing guy to deal with. He works very hard to make sure you get everything that you want and within an amazing price range. His knowledge on the beast line is out of this world …1000% I will be doing business with him again and i suggest anyone looking for LB,BB,BS this is the man to see !!!!!

  5. From the moment we communicated it was very clear to me i was lucky to have found this guy!! 🙂
    In the years before it had taken me somuch effort to collect beasts.. Now here was a guy who really knew everything and this blog has become my go to source for all information and oversight concerning beasts. I was able to complete my beast saga figures and complete my series 1 beasts through purchases from him and everything arrived in prestine condition! With bubblewraps and the works. I will definately make more future purchases and am thankfull for the passionate work he has put in to this. If u are into these little rubber guys i advice u to trust in this corner for sure!! Enjoy the beasts! 😉

  6. Truly a fantastic guy to deal with – he really has such a vast knowledge and passion for these fantastic toylines and has played an immensely huge part in helping me build up the great collection I have of various lines. He is always so helpful, honest and genuine when it comes to trading and he has proven time and time again to be 100% trustworthy!

  7. You guys have made a totaly great job in every aspect of the BBs! You are trully good on what you are doing, very helpful in any information i asked, and the things i took from you was really really great! I hope to do that again in the near future 😉

  8. Very professional and thorough. Bought some megantik figures and they shipped quickly. Would definitely buy from again!

  9. Thank you for being so helpful finding figures for my collection. The shipping was very fast and adequate. Also learned a lot about this great toyline which I first got to know as a child. I would definitely purchase again, very reliable!

  10. Big thanks for helping me get my hands on a collection of Megantik! Also, great work on the website, I’ve got it bookmarked and visit often. Really enjoyed the articles on what was planned for Beast Saga and info from the Takara SF Land Evolution.

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  12. When it comes down to BB/LB this man the beast master …One of the nicest most knowledgeable men in the beast community hes helped me with hunting down figures and answering any and every crazy question ive came up with lol… Ive recommend him to everyone that ive spoken with regarding this line hope people take my advice because he doesn’t stop until he finds or has an answer for whatever your looking for !!!

    Thanks for everything my friend !!!

  13. Purchased some new beasts this month. Thanks for helping me expand my Beasts collection. Delivery was swift as always, great job.
    I would recommand every Beast collector to contact Beastformers!

  14. Absolutely the best!!! Truly committed to excellence and dedicated to quality. The most knowledgeable and passionate seller out there.

  15. A fantastic transaction – the whole process was undertaken with care, honesty and integrity right from the start to ensure that both myself and he were happy with the deal. The item arrived quickly, well packaged and in great condition. I couldn’t be happier with the deal and genuinely look forward to working on some more deals with you in the future! Keep up the fantastic work!

  16. Yet another great transaction – you helped me work towards a great deal to help bring me that little bit closer to completing my collection! A pleasure as always and I really look forward to dealing with you again in the future! Keep up the excellent work!

  17. Beastformers is heaven sent for any true battle beast/laser beast collector. He works hard to help out fellow collectors reach their own collection goals. I was very lucky to have come across him and that he was willing to reach out to a newby at the LRG. So far through him I have gotten some cool beasts I thought would take forever to find and he is actively working to help me get the others I’m still missing. truly recommended.

  18. Once again Beastformers has tracked down one of the rarest Laser Beasts for me – great trade and a pleasure to deal with as always!

  19. Amazing guy to deal with. Everything was shipped very securely and quickly. His communication was super quick. This website is amazing and I come back often to re-read articles or just enjoy the pictures. Thank you so much!

  20. I am very proud to say that with help from Beastformers I was able to purchase the last LB I needed to complete all 112 BB/LB. I was able to accomplish it in record time thanks to his incredible dedication in helping me achieve my goal. words can’t describe my appreciation. To any collector lucky enough to come across Beastformers, put all your trust in him and you too will achieve your goals. Thank you so much!

  21. Beastformers helped me with a few variants I was looking for. Pricing was fair, and shipping was pretty fast for international. Thanks!

  22. Recently contacted Beastformers about some beasts I had acquired. He was above and beyond helpful with research/questions and our conversation ended up turning into a huge, awesome trade. He put a lot of (much appreciated) effort into finding me some htf stuff on my want list. Shipment arrived and I’m stoked. Excellent packing and conditions were just as expected. Seven more lasers to go! Thanks again for everything.

  23. It is always such a great experience dealing with Beastformers. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable in all things BB, LB and BB bootlegs he is more than willing to share his knowledge with you. He worked with me to visualize a goal and now I’m well on the way to completing my collection. You will always get your beasts in the best condition possible so don’t hesitate to make a purchase from Beastformers!

  24. What more can I say – I can only keep stressing the same thing and that is that I always, without fail, have a great experience when dealing with Beastformers! Yet again he has helped me find another rare beast. I keep coming back to him and have dealt with him for years and should tell you that he always provides a top quality service!

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  26. Running out of positives here but I’m only repeating myself because I repeatedly get top service when I work on a deal with Beastformers! Yet another great trade and much appreciated help in helping to add another rare piece to my collection!

  27. What a wonderful transaction. I have wanted a European Shield Battler and now I finally own one. Great price, shipped fast and secure, and awesome communication through out the process. Thanks!

  28. I had the good fortune and fantastic experience of acquiring a complete collection of BeastFormers/Battle Beasts series 1-3 through the @BeastFormers insta account. I could not be happier with the items, fantastic condition with all original accessories. The items were carefully packed and speedily shipped with tracking. It was a big purchase that paid off not just in the delivery, but in finding a trusted source for the best in BeastFormers toys, history and fun facts about this incredible toy line. I have more appreciation for and interest in BeastFormers than ever before – THANKS SO MUCH!!

  29. This was my first time purchasing and it was a great experience! The figures were in great shape, the price was reasonable, and most importantly, I got my first of the final 12 laser beasts!!!

    Thanks for being the source of knowledge on laser beasts & battle beasts!

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