A new categorie is added to the Beastformers Blog because apart from all the research that is done within the Beastformers Archaeology (BA) Project in which the true facts of the Battle Beasts line are revealed (for now still only via (LRG)) and the area with the Personal Stories on this Blog there´s still an area of subjects that remain hidden. Apart from all the history and personal stories based on reality and facts there´s also a whole world within the collectors community which holds a lot of rumors, myths and other legendary stories. Are all of these stories amongst collectors real fables and myths or is a truth hidden inside them!?

For these kind of stories this new BEASTFORMERS STORIES idea has been founded and placed on the Beastformers Blog in order to share these stories with a wider public because some of them are to good to be true, a lot of fun and others might turn out to be revealed as a partial reality during the research done within the BA.

Science must begin with myths,
and with the criticism of myths


The Quote above by the Austrian Philosopher Karl Popper perfectly shows the intention and the reason of the Beastformers Team to share these stories because from every myth a lesson can be learned and from some even a part of the truth might be uncovered

Over time several of these stories will be shared so keep an eye out on them to see what myths go round within the world of Battle Beasts collecting.

Every single one of these stories will be shared via LRG and there´ll also be the room to discuss about them or to give your opinion about it, please feel free to join the Forum out there to participate but for those who´d like to stay on the blog there´s also the option to leave a reply below or use the contact options available.

Don´t miss out on these Mythical stories because they´ll be worth it!