Contact/Order Form

Are you looking for Battle Beasts, Laser Beasts or anything else you can´t find in the Beastformer Shop please use the form below:

The Beastformers Team will always try to respond to submitted forms as soon as possible.

Using the Contact/Order Form;

Name: Please fill in the name you’d like our Beastformers team to use during the communication.

Email: Make sure you enter a correct and valid Email address so the Beastformers Team is able to reply.

Continent: Adding the continent is a necessity, for the Beastformers Team, to determine possible shipping and handling options/costs. Africa and Antarctica are excluded from using this Contact/Order Form since we don’t ship there. In case you live on one of these continents and you do have questions related to this line please contact us directly by using the option provided under the About header.

Subject: Mention the subject matter so the Beastformers Team is able to reply according to the urgency of the subject;

Purchase, used to purchase an item mentioned in the Beastformers Shop. Purchase subjects will have top priority since ALL purchases are based on first come first served. So please make sure you use the Purchase subject in order to make a chance to be one of the first on limited releases!

Request, are you looking for an item that is not shown in the Shop or would you like the Beastformers Team to look out for a certain item for you please use this option. The figures shown in the Shop are only a limited amount of the available items so it is possible that the item your looking for is available even though it is not mentioned or listed in the Shop so its worth trying. In case we are not able to help you out directly we can always look out for an item and ask fellow collectors or connections to help you get the item you want.

Trade, although the Beastformers collection might seem impressive there are always items we are looking for which means we are open for trade offers. BUT please only offer items which cannot be found on the blog meaning we are not interested in normal figures or common items simply because we already have them unless it is an item that is clearly requested somewhere, for instance items that are asked for in the project area.

Question, if you have a general question or comment related to the Shop you are requested to contact the Beastformers Team with this subject.

– Comment: Please give a clear description of what you would like to purchase (use the description. name and/or #) mentioned with the item to make sure there can be no miscommunication about this, same goes for Requests, Trades and Questions. The Beastformers Team strongly suggests to use the figure/item description that is used within this blog. For instance; if you’d like to purchase a Pirate Lion figure please mention either his name or the hashtag that is used for this figure on the blog, in this case #BB1. The clearer your description or question the more specific were able to compose our answer in a reply.

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