¨They Battle for Fun¨

This goes for the Battle Beasts but also for the various Battle Beasts collectors out there who are battling each other in order to get that one missing or holy grail piece everyone is after or to gain some extra views and visitors for their own Battle Beasts platform online. Most important thing here is that all of these Forums or Blogs, who all look at the line from another perspective and or have a completely different approach, have one important thing in common and that is their passion for Beasts! So have a look at these awesome Battle Beasts websites from fellow collectors who are all much appreciated because with their effort they are also helping to keep the Battle Beasts alive for decades to come.


LittleRubberGuys (LRG) Forum
The place to be for an active, alive  and very knowledgeable Battle Beasts community!



Forming The Beasts

Forming the Beast provides free public access to quality digital restorations and English translations of retail packaging, posters, inserts, sticker sheets, and other printed materials associated with the Beastformers, Laser Beasts, and Battle Beasts franchises released in the late 1980’s by Takara and Hasbro.


Battle Beasts Battlegroundcropped-battle-beasts-battleground3
Do you remember the great Battles fought during the late 80´s in your own backyard, playground or within an impressive landscape during a holiday trip? Now its time to become that kid again……… Take your Beasts, let them out in the woods, send them out on an expedition in an extreme outdoor environment or let them Battle on the old playground once more BUT this time take a picture and share it with other Battle Beasts collectors world wide! Release the Beasts send them out and share their adventure #BattleBeastsBattleground