THE PLACE TO BE for Battle Beasts, Laser Beasts and Beast Saga related information outside this blog thanks to the best, active and alive forum out on the web. Its probably the biggest online ‘library’ related to these lines. So find ALL the answers to, or to ask ALL, your questions on LRG;

For this forum you need to create an account, to be able to see pictures posted and participate in discussions, but you can also lurk around for a while because everyone can read the topics. Its definitely worth becomming a member to built new contacts and meet fellow collectors from all over the world!

¨LRG is the biggest active online archive/forum related to all the Beastformers lines the amount of info that can be found there IS IMPRESSIVE!¨

BEASTFORMERS (also LRG username) owner of this blog is also active on the forum and just like all the other fellow collectors out there more than willing to answer questions or discuss on Battle Beasts related topics.

See you out there!

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