BEASTFORMERS CONDITION GRADING SYSTEM __________________________________________________

Condition (C in short) = the state of the figure(s) / item(s) based on the following system;

Since we are talking about Vintage Toys which are in most cases played with items it is, in my opinion, unfair to grade any figure or item as brand new (perfect, 100%) condition (C10) unless its still sealed in the original box and has been stored under proper conditions. So this means the next best possible condition from a collectors point of view is known as MINT (Pristine, 90%). This mint condition according to the Beastformers Grading system is C9 and its the maximum C-score any figure or item can get. This condition is getting less from a percentage point of view according to missing parts/items or damage on the figure itself.

Battle Beasts
Looking at the Battle Beasts line a figure is complete when it has its original weapon and the original (working) rubsign. If this is the case and the figure has no issues or whatsoever the maximum grade it can get, when its out of the original box, is C9. The moment the figure is missing its rubsign it directly results in another decrease of 10% from the original 100% grade, C10, leaving the figure with a maximum grade of C8. Same goes for a missing weapon which is also causing a 10% decrease of the total. This results in the fact that a figure in prisitine condition but without its weapon and original sticker can end up being only a figure in average condition (90-10-10= 70%, C7) simply because of the items it should have had are not there anymore. Issues like minor paint damage due to the fact the figure is played with and its 25+ years old are causing a decrease of 5% while bigger more visible paint damage can easily lead up to a decrease of 10 to 15% and in the worst cases even to 20%.

The system for the Laser Beasts is working in a similar way but of course they don’t have the issue of the missing rubsign since they have the Orb. Which on its part can be damaged as well but this can be approached from the paint damage point of view.

Perfect condition (C10, 100%) can only be applied when an item is still in its original sealed box and has been stored under good conditions leaving the original items without any possible damage caused by for example Sunlight.

Anything less than C6 can be seen as pretty bad condition but when were getting close to these grades the condition of the items should be clear instantly and they wont hold a lot of actual value in them any longer. Which does not mean the nostalgic value is not there anymore!

With this system you should be able to get an image of the way the Beastformers Team is grading their figures or items in a fair way which means you should get a pretty clear idea of the condition of the figure by just knowing its C. Even though in most cases, if not all the time, a clear picture of the actual item will be provided as well.

As a closure here is a little sum up of the description that go with the certain C grades;

This only goes for fully sealed and never opened items which have been stored/kept under good conditions.

C9 MINT (Pristine) CONDITION (90%)
This is the highest grade a Vintage item can be found in when its not inside the original sealed box anymore.

An almost MINT item with a minor imperfection that might be hard to notice.







In order to give a visual idea of this classification as well here is a reference with (obviously) some Rabbits;

From Left to Right;

– Rabbit 1 C4: Dirt and paint damage (but no broken parts)
– Rabbit 2 C5: Discoloration
– Rabbit 3 C6: Missing rub (sticker)
– Rabbit 4 C6.5: Has rub (sticker) but it´s loose or has shifted from its base
– Rabbit 5 C7: Complete and decent condition, some minor spots (for the trained eye)
– Rabbit 6 C8.5: Is a C7.5 Rabbit (Good Condition) with a Good Condition Weapon meaning +1

This means that in this case for all figures that they could all get a +1 C in case they´d have been given a weapon in good condition. In line with the description above decreasing or increasing the C value with 10% based on the absence or presence of a rubsign or weapon.

Rabbit 4 (C6.5) could´ve been a C8.5 IF the rubsign would´ve been centered correctly in the original state and it´d have a had a weapon because in the base it´s in better condition than Rabbit 5 (C7). It just shows how minor issues can have a huge influence on the value of original items according to the Beastformers Grading System.

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