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Instagram will literally give you some slight insights in this mythical Beasts that houses in the Beastformers Dungeons. Like this post below shows from; ¨A day in the life of The White Rabbit¨

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Sorry to say but we're ending this successful series in the way you could expect… With the White Rabbit sitting behind its control panel processing data and information about the Battle Beasts. This was it a week…. #ThroughTheEyesOfTheWhiteRabbit Hope you enjoyed it! But for those who can't get enough of it yet, and especially for those who liked the comic style posts during the past days, go and have a look at the Beastformers Blog (link in bio) Because in a few minutes the first White Rabbit, a silent single page, comic will be shared named; "A Day in the Life of The White Rabbit" There you can also find a bit more info about the main artist responsible for this @rottingghost as well as @tnthielen for a smaller contribution. Thanks to both artists and thanks to all followers hope you'll enjoy the little comic! #BeastformersArt #ビーストフォーマー #Beastformers#BattleBeasts #ToycrewbuddiesJP#Rebeltoysclub #Justanothertoygroup#Toy_Quest  #Toyart #toypops2#toyhomies4life #figtographysg#acba#toyphotopinas#toygraphyid#toygroup_alliance #ToyUnion#Toyrevolution #Toycrewbuddies#art#Toyelites #artistic #芸術 #アート#toyartistry_and_beyond #instaart #BeastformersBlog

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Sorry, the Beastformers team is still working here.

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