Series 2 (1987)

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Serie 2
INCLUDED                      RELEASED                  AVAILABILITY
24 Figures                     1987                             Japan, North-America and Europe

More info about the markings that can be found on the figures within this series is provided after the digital catalogue of Series 2 below.  For general information have a look at the header Battle Beasts.

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The Second series of Battle Beasts were only available in Japan and North America during the ’80s, Europe is mentioned within the Series 2 release as well but there is hardly any prove of this and by far the biggest amount of figs that do show up in Europe are Series 1. This series contained 24 figures (#29 – #52). On these series 2 figures the © Takara 1987 – © 1987 Hasbro mark can be found on the feet of the figure and their number is located on the back or head, which is also present on their weapon. It is possible you will also find another small number 2, 3 or a letter B, C on the back of the leg of this figure and this is referring to the production run in which this figure was made because in case a mold would break another one was produced to continue the production. With the Series 2 also the peg-hole in the bottom of the left foot showed up which was usefull to place the figure on some of the vehicles or playsets connected to this line. In some cases a sticker [中国製] can be found on the bottom of one of the feet. This is referring to the fact of it being a genuine figure from Japan. It literally means; ”Made in China”, which seems a bit ironic but it makes more sense knowing all figures from the Japanese line were produced in China.


#29 イグアナモンス Icky Iguana, #30 ブラウンジャイロ Armored Armadillo, #31 パワージャガー Jaded Jaguar, #32 ストロングヒッポ Hummungus Hippo, #33 ウエーブムース Major Moose, #34 グリーンカメレス Delta Chameleon, #35 ジャンガルー Kickback Kangaroo, #36 レッドオクト Octillion Octopus, #37 シーアイアン Wolfgang Walrus, #38 スカウトマウス Powerhouse Mouse, #39 ダークライコーン Dragoon Racoon, #40 パワーノズル Antic Anteater, #41 スマイルダック Run Amuck Duck, #42 アンダーグラン Miner Mole, #43 カトルディープ Cutthroat Cuttlefish, #44 ビーバップ Eager Beaver, #45 ジュニアドラゴン Slasher Seahorse, #46 ナイトアウル Knight Owl, #47 イエローキャメラス Hunchback Camel, #48 ポーラバトルベア Pillaging Polar Bear, #49 フライングアタッカー Squire Squirrel, #50 プラチナタイガー Sabresword Tiger, #51 ブルオーン Bludgeoning Bulldog, #52 ウルトラガス Pew-Trid Skunk

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