Rise of the Beasts / 獣の台頭

RotB Header 2 Normally the Beastformers Blog is only informing about the original and related vintage lines but this time we´ll make an exception for a new line called;

Rise of the Beasts

This line has the potential to become the long awaited 21st century version of our beloved Battle Beasts

RotB Scorpion pose

Cahriv (emperor scorpion)

After various disappointing/unsatisfactory releases in the last two years of Battle Beasts related or inspired lines like the Diamond Select Toys (DST) Battle Beast line based upon Minimate figures or even the Beast Saga line by Takara which did not fulfil the hopes and expectations of many collectors there is a new line that joins in the Battle to fill in the big gap providing a new version of Beasts. Beasts that on one hand should respect and represent a certain aspect of the original vintage line but in such a way they´re representative for the 21st century and become a 2.0 version.

In 2012, friend and founder of LRG, Jon Karis together with PlasticImagination launched the idea to create a new line of toy figures inspired by the Battle Beasts, M.U.S.C.L.E., He-Man and Thundercats, all vintage toy lines from the 80´s, with the heavy task to represent these old spirits in a new line. In February 2012 the Kickstarter page was created for this interesting project and it had soon reached its $11.000 goal. A few extra goals were set and all would have been reached without problems since there was more than enough support for this promising new line. But a few months later the project was suddenly canceled leaving all the backers behind with a sad feeling because everyone knew and had seen the potential but due to problems with manufacturers in China there was no other option. And although there were still some updates once in a while everyone thought this would become one of the many great projectes that would never make it. BUT for over 2 years people have been working hard behind the scenes in order to push it through even after all the bad luck they succeeded in their Battle, so eventhough the Rise of the Beasts was delayed for a little over 2 years there was nothing that could stop the Rise of this new line.

RotB Rhino pose

Gaamik (african rhinoceros)

The Rise of the Beasts figures are now produced by the Glyos factory in PVC and they will have Glyos joints as well meaning they are interchangeable in parts with all other Glyos related figures and thus also other Rise of the Beasts figures. Not only is this interchangeability and extra and welcome gimmick that gives you the opportunity to compose your own monstrous Beast figure but the fact that the figures come from the Glyos factory says a lot about their quality as well. So in the end there is nothing that can stop this line from becoming a succes any longer.

And there is good news because……….
Now (Nov 15th, 2014) the first figures (Serie 1) will actually be available online for the first time! Click on the link below to go and order them directly;

LittleRubberGuys Online Store

Not only the figures are great, with 4 points of articulation, and very detailled but their prices are impressive as well. For only $4 (excl. shipping) you can get your own montone color figure (Flesh, Black, Gold) and for $7 (excl. shipping) you will get a fully painted character.

For more info and a detailled discription about these figures within the 1st Serie please take a look at the review;

– Rise of the Beasts – Figure Review

If this line will indeed become the new 21st Century Battle Beasts line, or the 2.0. Battle Beasts, is something only time can tell but at leasts they have shown that they don´t fear a serious Battle with the test of time. Because despite everything that happened before the Rise of the Beasts line is here and they deserve some support which is why the Beastformers Blog decided to give them some extra exposure. Go spread the word and enjoy the Battle with this new line!

For more info visit the official Rise of the Beasts page at Riseofthebeasts.com

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