2021 the Year of the (Musky) Ox


The Beasts have also said goodbye to a year that in many ways maybe is better to completely forget about, you could say it wasn´t really the best ¨Year of the Rat¨ we´ve had and that´s probably an understatement for many… Was it it because there wasn´t an actual Rat in the Battle Beasts line and this heavy task was forced onto Powerhouse Mouse?! In that case we can rest assured this year because the Ox is taking over, so if the zodiac is correct 2021 will be full of hard work, positivity and honesty!

On Planet Beasts the Ox has already been inaugurated. A ceremony that´s completely different than ever before since only Beasts with gas masks were allowed to participate. Also on Planet Beasts there are high and serious safety precautions in place to stay away from any risks. Due to this there is only limited footage of this event and only a few shots, including the one in the header can be shared. But you can rest assured the Ox is now taking control over 2021.

In this annual openings post on the Beastformers Blog which has slowly become a tradition the Review and Preview over the past and current new year will be shared but not before we have a quick look at how the Beasts celebrated their NYE on Planet Beast;


Despite, or maybe ¨thanks¨ too, the problems caused by the pandemic the yearly increase of visits and followers had really made a jump in 2020. With people being forced to spend their time differently some new collectors might have refound their passion for the Battle Beasts joining the hobby while other collectors simply might have had the time to really explore all the different areas and subjects on the Beastformers Blog. Unlike 2019 when there were monthly posts there have not been a whole lot of posts during 2020 but this lack of posts certainly didn´t echo on in the numbers. Because in 2019 the Beastformers Blog was visited/consulted by more than 3500 visitors from 76 countries all over the world but;

In 2020 the Beastformers Blog
was visited/consulted by more than 5200 visitors
from 79(!!) different countries all over the world.
Ranging from just 1 view up to 13,689 views coming from the US.

The numbers show that is was indeed a strange year… And it is doubtful if the continuous growth will continue in 2021 because let´s not forget the Battle Beasts are a very niche toy line within the realm of awesome 80´s toy lines. But luckily there are more people who see the beauty in these little fellows and the BB Community is still gaining new collectors. Looking at the numbers it might also have helped that the quality that the Beastformers Blog stands for is more an more becoming widely spread considering the fact the Beastformers Blog has a high rank in the Google search results, #1 Beastformers but also it´s since recently appearing on the 1st page with search results for Battle Beasts. It shows there might be something good and informative to be found here. So keep on spreading the word and help fellow collectors to find the Beastformers Blog!

Best 9 on Instagram
On Instagram it´s ¨common¨ for the 9 most liked pictures of the past year to be shared. In most cases those pictures aren´t the most creative or informative ones since it´s obviously a superficial platform with an algorithm designed for quantity (in their benefit) over quality. But The White Rabbit is taking advantage of the possibilities Instagram does offer to promote the Beastformers Blog and inform fellow collectors. If you´re curious and don´t know about the Official Instagram account of the Beastformers Blog yet, it simply is; @Beastformers (also on Twitter).

The 9 pictures from the Instagram posts in 2020 that have been selected here have, for reasons mentioned, been selected by The White Rabbit since they represent and summarize the year of the Beasts on Social Media the best. Starting from Top Left to Bottom Right;

  1. SURREAL, that goes for 2020 in general but also for the first serious Post on the Beastformers Blog in 2020; Renaming the Laser Beasts. In which the English translations for the Laser Beasts which we´ve all been (blindly) using for decades have been reconsidered. This did result in some criticism by some collectors but in general it was well received despite the impact it had.
  2. The Beastformer Shop launched in 2020! Replacing the old and outdated Beastformers Shop that was present here on the Beastformers Blog for many years. The Beastformer Shop is something new and different and its popularity will certainly grow in time with it being an Exlusive (Exclusive + Elusive) Instagram Pop Up Shop that holds some of the more rare Beastformers items. Curious… Try To Follow!
    It can be found on Instagram; @BeastformerShop
  3. The White Rabbit holding the Blue SD (Super Deformed) Weasel saying;
    ¨Yes my little blue friend we´ve to be careful and take precautions so you can keep your gasmask on¨ A post from March 14 and a wise advice not knowing that would only have been the start…
  4. Luckily there were also positive things like this awesome custom painted Cthulhu Beast that was added to the Beastformers Custom Collection in 2020.
  5. Posts of the Greek Rabbit Project always seem to be a success, still since its a project that´s completed back in 2012.
  6. In 2020 we also welcomed a first glimpse of what might turn into the 21st century Battle Beasts versions, a Review of Rumble Bee was posted on the Beastformers Blog.
  7. Just a cool shot of War Weasel doing some maintenance on the Deer Stalker chariot.
  8. A Rainbow of (Laser) Beasts. There was a hashtag introduced in 2020 named the #BeastlyBow (Beast + Rainbow) which turned into a couple of cool and colorful creative shots.
  9. Last but definitely not least probably on of the best posts in years on the Beastformers Blog revealing The Red (Crimson) Eyed Cat via a Beastformers Stories post.

These 9 pictures capture the year 2020 quite well, much better than Instagram could´ve done 😉
Besides this we also celebrated the 18th birthday of the place were it all started with LRG (Little Rubber Guys) Turning 18! A Grown Up Forum for Grown Ups collecting Toys, it doesn´t get much better than that!

It´s been quite a year, 2020, and although there have also been a few positive things as shared above its now time to look ahead!


Ending (Pausing) the #BeastformersBattle

A collage of 144 Battle results in within the Beastformers Battle Series. In this Series that started on February 1st 2018 on Instagram there has been a new Beastformers Battle posted EVERY Sunday BUT it will be ending shortly. In January 2021 the ¨final¨ 4 Battles within this Series will be posted. After almost 3 years, and 155 Battles in (once it ends), the interest seems to have decreased or people have started to become too used to it simply being there so it´s time for something else. It´s not a definite stop of this Series yet because it has been fun and still is but sometimes a change is needed to shake things up again…

WHAT will be replacing the Beastformers Battle?
Of course a Sunday tradition like that cant´s stop without a solid replacement so on Sunday February 7th a new Series will start on the Official Beastformers Blog Instagram page (@Beastformers). Since there are still preparations going on for this there´s not a whole lot that can be shared about it yet but it has something to do with the plan to update the Battle Beasts Checklist out here on the Beastformers Blog. So it might become a less fun Series as it won´t be a game but it´ll be more informative and become a helpful source to preserve the Battle Beasts line the best way possible in line with the goals and intentions of the Beastformers Blog! Keep an eye out on Instagram and on February 7th, a Sunday, you´ll know.

Any big plans for 2021?
Not really, although there are still a lot of puzzles in progress so who knows what crucial puzzle pieces we might find this year that might speed up some of the ongoing researches within the Beastformers Archaeology (BA) Project. A few of the BA Team members will also be responsible and working on the new Checklist which will definitely be the main goal for this year in order to update the current BB Checklist here on the Beastformers Blog. For the rest just keep an eye out and let´s hope for some new and amazing finds so we can be surprised by this 30+ year old line because as the last Beastformers Story has shown there are still discoveries made!

General notice for 2021
There might be a few subtle changes to the Beastformers Blog, some off which already have been processed, like moving the Contact information to the main menu so it will become even more easy to reach out to The White Rabbit with BB related questions or requests.

The main look will stay but the header can be changing slightly announcing a new upcoming Pop Up of the Beastformer Shop, so if you´re curious about that Follow the signs of the Grotesque!

As always…
The ever present but still unused Donation Button. If a Battle Beasts fan or collector decides to show some appreciation by supporting the Beastformers Blog with a little donation please use that button. No worries also without donations the Beastformers Blog will stay freely accessible for everyone but if you wish to support this platform with a few Dollars, Euros, Yen or whatever currency it´d be much appreciated. For more information check; Why the Donation Button?

Our Official Social Media channel @Beastformers (Instagram and Twitter ONLY) will remain the same and stay active during 2020 as well to update you with news and pictures regarding the Blog and Battle Beasts in general. You can always consult/contact The White Rabbit via those channels if you have Battle Beasts related questions or use the contact option on the Beastformers Blog. Keep in mind that there are NO Official accounts related to the Beastformers Blog on Facebook!

And similar to last year, a note:

Please use the Search option
Even though most of the main subjects on the Beastformers Blog are organized and added to the menu in the bar above some of the quick posts are not added or subdivided within the menu. This is done on purpose to prevent extremely long pop out menu´s showing up but the downside of that is that these posts might get out of sight while they are still there. So if there´s something you can´t find via the menu please try to fill in some catchwords or search terms via the Search box on the right to see if there might be any results in most cases you´ll probably get one or more hits and if you don´t feel free to ask. You can use the contact options mentioned in the menu or reach out to The White Rabbit via social media.

Time will tell what 2021 will bring but you can rest assured the Beastformers Blog will be here and at your service to consult or have a good time reading new posts and pages whenever you want. And if the Zodiac sign of the Ox is correct the hard work should result in new and interesting posts again!

Enjoy the Beasts!

The Beastformers Team

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