Battle Beasts Comics #1-4

The Beasts not only made their appearance in the 80´s as toy figures but even though it´s a relatively short line they also made it into various prints. In 1988 (February/April/October/November) 4 Battle Beasts Comics were released by Blackthorne Publishing (El Cajon, California, 1985-1990) Inc. under the license of HASBRO. These comics held some great artwork;

Battle Beasts Comic #4 (1988) / Battle Beasts ¨Flip Side!¨
Story: John Stephenson / Pencils: Andy Ice / Inks: Rachel ¨Fuzzy¨ Haze & The Skeleton Crew

John Stephenson was chief editor of Blackthorne and responsible for the story line of the Battle Beasts Comics while artist Andy Ice did the illustrations which were inked by a variety of people like Jorge Pacheco, Shepherd Hendrix and Rachel Haze. This resulted in a total of 4 Comics and an insider has shared that there were plans to do even more numbers but just like the toy line itself the Comic series ended abruptly and way too early.

Scans, in various conditions/qualities, of these comics have been available online for quite a while but recently, thanks to @BattleBeastMode (Instagram), some high quality scans of all 4 of the Comics have become available. In order to make these more readily available and to document them properly they are now added to the Beastformers Blog making them freely available for online reading* and download for the whole BB Community and other comic fans.

*Sadly enough most phone and tablet browsers won’t display embedded PDFs meaning only the Download option is available.

By clicking on the images below you´ll be guided to the concerning Comic Page # on the Beastformers Blog, which can also be found in the main menu under the header Battle Beasts.

In the future also some other Battle Beasts publications like the UK Annual and UK Special Magazines will be added but for now here are the 4 Original 1988 Battle Beasts Comics.

Again a huge thanks to @BattleBeastMode for the effort of scanning them in high quality and making them available to the BB Community, hopefully by adding them to the Beastformers Blog they get even more exposure and more people will be able to enjoy them.

For the real die hard collectors the actual physical original prints of these comics will be the best, and it´s definitely worth adding these to the collection when you get the chance, but it´s always good to have these digitized in order to preserve the history of the Beasts.

Enjoy the Beasts!

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