For some of you who are not active on Social Media (Instagram) this whole post might come out of the blue but to those who have been Following the Official Instagram account of the Beastformers Blog; @Beastformers it might be a bit of a sad day. Because today Sunday January 31, 2021, the (for now) final Beastformers Battle #155 has been posted;

It´s up to the Hare Razing Rabbit and the Bodacious Bovine to Battle it out in this last Beastformers Battle post, the final chance you have to go for the WIN and end this series positively! Luckily you can always check out ALL of the previous Beastformers Battlers via #BeastformersBattle

In this Post you´ll find out a bit more background information about this fun game that might´ve been a thing you´ve been looking out for every Sunday! And for that matter a few of the Old Beastformers Battles are embedded in this post for those who haven´t been playing them before and for those who have see if you can still remember and pick the correct Beasts (this time). The instructions are simple Following the Battle Beasts rules from back in the days;


FIRE beats WOOD (Fire burns Wood)

WOOD beats WATER (Wood floats on Water)

WATER beats FIRE (Water puts out Fire)

All you had to do was to simply pick one of the two Beasts from the lineup (double tap which would automatically leave a like as well) of that concerning Beastformers Battle and in order to deal with the possibility of a tie (same symbol) also a symbol had to be chosen (Fire, Wood or Water).
And simply Swipe LEFT.

At first the choice of your Beast is decisive but in the case of a tie the Symbol you have chosen becomes crucial since you can still take the full win once your symbol is found on both Beasts.

EXAMPLE: Lion (1) Water (2)
In case the Lion won (regardless the Symbol) you had a win!
In case there was a Tie with the Symbol Water you had a win too!
In all other cases; too bad you had lost…

Luckily there was always a new Beastformers Battle awaiting the next Sunday in case of a loss or you could continue your win streak, until now…

*After the first 30 Battles the instructions were fine-tuned a bit and the advice to select a symbol as well was introduced from Battle 31 onward.


On Thursday February 1 2018 the very first Beastformers Battle was posted on @Beastformers as a test to see if the idea/concept would work with the option of Instagram that allowed you to add multiple images in one post meaning you had to swipe to see the next image. Another test followed on Monday February 5 2018 and with that one receiving 100 likes and some comments showing people did like it and participated a new tradition was born. This means that it took until Battle #3 before this Sundays tradition was actually born. But from Sunday February 11 2018 EVERY Sunday (only 1 or 2 exceptions due to unforeseen technical issues) there´s always been a #BeastformersBattle!

BATTLE #1: Pirate Lion vs Gruesome Gator (1 February 2018)

3 YEARS Every Sunday!
February 11 2018 – January 31 2020 means that this Series has been running for almost 3 years! During this time a total of 155 Battles have been Battled (For Fun!).

Actually there have been 156 Battles because there´s been 1 very special Beastformers Battle, one that everyone wanted to win namely Battle for; The Golden Ticket which was a Special 1K event (to celebrate the 1000 Followers milestone on Instagram for @Beastformers) that took place in March 2019 with the special #BeastformersBattleSpecial hashtag. A fun event with a lot of contestants all eager to win The Golden Ticket.

During these 156 Battles all of the 76 Different Beasts have appeared 4 times and there were 3 Beasts that appeared 5 times (due to a hiccup). But with that in mind 76×4= 304/2 = 152 Battles + 3 = 155 Battles there is 1 Battle short? One that can be explained by the fact that the Special 100th Battle which was fought between the Clear Gator and Clear Carp was not counted in with the regular Beasts, while the Variant appearance of the Mole and Gorilla during the Golden Ticket Battle was. Can you tell which 3 Beasts each appeared 5 times during these 156 Beastformers Battle rounds?

Even though there was a sort of administration in regards to the lineups resulting in the almost even number in Beast appearances over all of the 76 Battles there´s no active chart that´s showing which Beast or Beasts are in the lead after each having Battled at least 4 Battles. So if you´ve some spare time and would like to make a ranking based on all of the rounds feel free to compose it by simply going over ALL of the results. In that case a Win will be assigned with 3 Points, a Tie will be worth 1 Point and a Loss will be 0 Points. Good luck and let us know who won, or at least who´s in the lead (for now). Although in the end WHO WON is not the most important because in line with the spirit of the Battle Beasts; They Battle for FUN!

BATTLE #93: Jaded Jaguar vs Crooked Crow (3 November 2019)

All good things come to an end…
That´s kind of a cliche and it might not be completely true in the case of the Beastformers Battle Series because like the Battle Beasts line during its initial release back in the 80´s it just looked that the interest was decreasing, less likes and less active participants.

If you´ve first found out about this Beastformers Battle Series now it´s a bit disappointing to find out that in that case it has already ended before it began for you but luckily you can always look back and relive all of the Battles that have been Battle for Fun by simply checking out; #BeastformersBattle

The real reason why this Series stopped is a combination between the lack of interest and the urge to do something new. In the end the concept is solid and it might return again in the future but for now this is it.

To all the Battle Beasts fans and followers of @Beastformers on Instagram don´t worry because there will be a replacement Series that´ll be posted EVERY Sunday starting from February 7 2021!! It won´t be a game but something more informative, in line with the Beastformers Blog… You´ll find out in 7 days!

For now let´s say goodbye to the Beastformers Battle series with a final Battle out of this Series ¨from the old days.¨ Snake vs Toad, what do you think? And if you already played this Battle before this is your chance for revenge in case you lost 😉

BATTLE #120: Triple Threat Snake vs Horny Toad (10 May 2020)

And, hope you ended it with a win?
If not don´t forget ALL of the Battles can be played at any time via; #BeastformersBattle

Thanks for the support, likes, comments and positive vibes and hopefully the Beastformers Battles have been Fun! Who knows maybe the Beasts can´t handle themselves and it´ll return again someday.

Keep an eye out here and via the Official Social Media platforms of the Beastformers Blog to find out what next Sunday will bring, Sunday February 7 2021 the beginning of… Until than and as always;

Enjoy the Beasts!

The Beastformers Team

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