The Golden Ticket (Ended)

Welcome fellow collectors and Battle Beasts fans within this post The White Rabbit will clarify a bit more about the mysterious Golden Ticket campaign and here you´ll also find the Full and Detailed Instructions on how to WIN the GOLDEN TICKET!

This is an active post that will receive updates throughout the period that this Golden Ticket campaign runs so check back regularly to see if there is news or if certain links may have been activated… Enjoy!

Beastformers Blog Scheduled Activity;

  • Post Active (March 7th 2019)
  • Beastformers Golden Ticket Booth UNLOCKED (72hrs)  (Sunday, March 10 2019)
    Start Golden Ticket Contest with the release of the #BeastformersBattleSpecial
  • Beastformers Golden Ticket Booth LOCKED (Wednesday, March 13 2019)
    Deadline Golden Ticket Contest
  • Beastformers Golden Ticket Booth OPEN TO WINNER (48hrs) (March 18 2019)

@Beastformers (Instagram) Scheduled Activity;

  • 1000 (+) Followers on @Beastformers reached! (March 8th 2019)
  • Release of the #BeastformersBattleSpecial first part (Sunday, March 10 2019)
    Start Golden Ticket Contest (72hrs time to enter)
  • Release of the #BeastformersBattleSpecial second part (Wednesday, March 13 2019)
    Deadline Golden Ticket Contest
  • Release of the #BeastformersBattleSpecial third part (Saturday, March 16 2019)
    Announcement finalists
  • Reveal GOLDEN TICKET WINNER!! (Sunday, March 17 2019)

Currently at 1001 Followers which means the #BeastformersBattleSpecial will
officially drop on Sunday March 10 2019 via @Beastformers on Instagram

@nteo13 on Instagram

Part 1 (1/3) of the #BeastformersBattleSpecial has dropped!

Part 1: Drop of the Battle (Enter within 72hrs, comment Beast & Symbol below Instagram Post)
Part 2: 72hrs after Part 1; Reveal of the first Symbol (Deadline to enter)
Part 3: 72hrs after Part 2; Reveal of the second Symbol (Shortlist of those with the correct answer, Winners will be tagged to let them know they´re in the Final Round.

IF you have commented with the Correct Beast & Symbol you will enter the lucky draw round where the Golden Ticket Winner will be randomly selected.

WINNER Announcement will be exactly one week (24hrs after Part 3) after the #BeastformersBattleSpecial drop on Sunday March 17th. Winner will be tagged!

All of the above will take place on Instagram via @Beastformers

If the detailed description is to long feel free to scroll down for a BRIEF quick summary
Let´s start with the beginning…


On March 25, 2013 The White Rabbit posted on Instagram for the first time via @Beastformers
(Beastformers Blog Official Instagram account) A picture of one of the first photo-shoots that was ever done for the Beastformers Blog and it received 17 likes!

Almost 6 years have passed and although the amount of likes on the first post never changed the posts shared on the @Beastformers Instagram account since started to get more and more attention and the number of followers started to grow as well.

Currently The White Rabbit is balancing at the milestone amount of 1000 (1K) followers. A number that´s nothing special in the current Social Media driven world but it is quite a number for a very niche 80´s toy line. So for an Instagram account that is solely posting about Beasts it could be considered as quite a milestone. And although The White Rabbit does receive more than enough appreciation from the BB Community for all the work on the Beastformers Blog it is always nice to see that the growing numbers of followers show that the line is still more than alive!

For The White Rabbit and the Beastformers Team is not as much about the amount of followers on Social Media but more about the reach it brings in order to help and inform fellow collectors all over the world in order to preserve the Battle Beasts line in a good way for many years to come. But now that the 1K Followers are in sight it´s about time to think about a little fun campaign which wouldn´t just be your regular ¨Give Away¨ so in order to celebrate the 1K on Instagram there´s a special Golden Ticket contest! For which of course the 1000 followers have to be reached first so in case you´re not following yet this might be a good reason to do so in order to have a chance to WIN the GOLDEN TICKET!


This is what it is all about the GOLDEN TICKET 

In history there´ve been various historical golden ticket events and also the Battle Beasts line had secret lucky draws embedded in several releases. Think about the special (Golden Hologram) cards in the Japanese single boxes but also the idea of completing the Stone Tablet with the two halves that could be obtained in order to get the Stone Cobra.

All fun events to look forward to as a collector and didn´t we all wish to be that one lucky kid to find one of those things back in the days…?

Although this Golden Ticket isn´t an access pass for a tour through the Beastformers Dungeons on Planet Beast (sorry) like the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Golden Ticket it hopefully will be a lot of fun and worth the Battle with fellow collectors.

What exactly you win is described on the ticket itself because the lucky winner will be granted access to the Beastformers Golden Ticket Booth which will be a password protected, and for the winner personalized, page out here on the Beastformers Blog. This Golden Ticket Booth will show 30 different BB (related) items which all represent a certain amount of points. Based on the actual Points (PTS) value on the ticket you can shop within the Golden Ticket Booth for FREE!

The actual Value * PTS that the Golden Ticket will represent will be announced together with the announcement of the winner on @Beastformers and the Password that allows access to the Golden Ticket Booth will be granted to the winner (in private obviously) as well. After the announcement the Winner has 48hrs access/time to spend the points shopping within the Golden Ticket Booth. After that the final choice of items selected has to be made and the Golden Ticket Booth will be locked up and disappear again…

BUT before this mysterious Beastformers Golden Ticket Booth, that can only be accessed by the Winner with a correct Password, goes live EVERYONE can have a little sneak preview of which items (not all) will be available to pick from. For a limited period of 72hrs (3 days) after the official campaign has been launched it will be open to visit by clicking on the image below;


OPEN TO WINNER (Password Protected)

The Beastformers Golden Ticket Booth is OPEN TO WINNER
The Golden Ticket Winner has received the details and the unique Password  needed to enter
Golden Ticket Booth for a limited period of 48hrs.

In the coming days, via Instagram, a little sneak preview of the items that will be available at the Golden Ticket Booth will be shared!

Where the actual amount of PTS to spend won with the Golden Ticket is made public the actual amount of points that an item within the Golden Ticket Booth is worth will be revealed only to the winner who will be able to see the individual item points value once he or she visits the Golden Ticket Booth with the Password.

In order to keep this Golden Ticket campaign interesting to ALL BB Collectors the selection of items that can be found within the Golden Ticket Booth is as diverse as possible in the hope there´ll be interesting things to pick from for as well the beginning collectors as the more advanced collectors. Of course the value in points is addressed to each item accordingly.

Are you already curious to visit the Golden Ticket Booth?

Now that it is clear what you can win and what the Golden Ticket actually represents you might´ve become curious on HOW to WIN the GOLDEN TICKET?


First of all it´s important to mention that participating in this contest is completely FREE and that the eventual GOLDEN TICKET winner will have NO costs at all, also shipping wherever that might be World Wide is covered!

The only thing that is needed is the fact that you have to be a follower of The White Rabbit @Beastformers on Instagram, you can also still start following if you are not a follower yet, because that´ll be the only way to join in on the Battle. (Private Accounts are not allowed to enter)

Because a Battle it´ll be, obviously, a Battle for Fun!… and for a special little extra the:

One of the first hints given by The White Rabbit via Instagram was to start playing #BeastformersBattle on because some experience might be needed. This advice is still valid so try the Battle on the right or have a look at the 57 other different Battles that have been released already so far.

On @Beastformers a new #BeastformersBattle will drop EVERY Sunday!  So far the Battle between the Snakes (Battle 50: Triple Threat Snake vs King Cobra) has been the most successful one sop far but it might soon be forgotten when two special Beasts make their appearance for a #BeastformersBattleSpecial a Battle that will drop on the first Sunday after the milestone of 1000 (1K) Followers has been reached.

With the current amount of followers going back and forth between 995-996-997-998 and back to 995 to start all over again it looks like it might become a rat race but eventually it is also up to you, if you aren´t following The White Rabbit yet, in order to make it happen and decide when this Special Beastformers Battle will be dropped…

3 more to go, 5 more to go, 3, 2, 1…
Once the 1000 (1K) Followers are reached this #BeastformersBattleSpecial for the GOLDEN TICKET will be dropped.

As mentioned two special Beasts will make their appearance and although most collectors can already tell which two Beasts they might be based on the silhouettes shown in this little sneak preview we all know that WON´T be the question. Because as with all #BeastformersBattles it will be up to you to decide which Beast and/or Symbol (in case of a tie) will be the winner.

This time it´ll be a little different though because the GOLDEN TICKET is on the line.

The original Battle Beasts rules from back in the days do apply meaning;

FIRE beats WOOD (Fire burns Wood)

WOOD beats WATER (Wood floats on Water)

WATER beats FIRE (Water puts out Fire)

But where in a normal #BeastformersBattle you win once the correct Beast or Symbol (in case of a tie) is selected for the #BeastformersBattleSpecial you need to be 100% accurate, and lucky, by selecting BOTH; correct BEAST and correct SYMBOL…

A little additional HINT is that one thing will be for sure and that´s the fact that none of the Beasts will accept a tie leaving 2 Beasts and 3 Symbols to pick, it´s up to you to select the right combination.

You enter, and have a chance to win the GOLDEN TICKET, by submitting your result (Beast & Symbol) in a comment directly below the #BeastformersBattleSpecial within 72hrs after the Special Battle has been dropped.

Unlike the other #BeastformersBattle were you are used to see the result by swiping to the left yourself that´s obviously not the case for this Special Battle. Because only the first part (consisting out of 3 parts) of the Battle will drop during the release and once the deadline to participate of 72hrs has expired the second part of the Battle, revealing the first Symbol, will be dropped. This will already rule out a certain number of participants because they might have chosen the first Beast of which the Symbol is released BUT with another Symbol meaning you no longer have the chance to win.

The final outcome and third part of the Battle will follow 72hrs later meaning that 144hrs after the release of the drop, and thus on a Saturday, the possible winners (the ones that had selected the correct Beast and correct Symbol) are known. Those who have made it this far, AND participated on time, will all be tagged once the third part of the #BeastformersBattleSpecial is dropped meaning they´ll be notified about their special achievement so far.

Out of those winners the final lucky winner, the one that will receive the GOLDEN TICKET, is randomly selected and this will be shared via Instagram (winner will be tagged) on @Beastformers 24hrs later on Sunday. At this moment also the exact Value in Points of the Golden Ticket will be revealed.

The winner will be contacted via Instagram DM and has 24hrs to make him or herself known in order to receive the GOLDEN TICKET via email including the crucial Password to enter the GOLDEN TICKET BOOTH. Within maximum 48hrs, after receiving the Golden Ticket, the selection of items picked from the Golden Ticket Booth has to be communicated and confirmed via email based on the maximum amount of points on the ticket.

IF for some reason the winner does not reach out within 24hrs after the final winner reveal The White Rabbits holds the full rights to call out a new winner, which will be selected out of the remaining winners (those who had the correct Beast and Symbol as well). In that case the original final winner reveal will be deleted on Instagram and a new post will be created with a newly tagged winner. This process can repeat itself as long as needed.



The first Sunday after 1000 (1K) Followers has been reached on the @Beastformers Instagram account.
Potentially this could be March 10th 2019 but it can also take longer…Time wise the #BeastformersBattle are know to drop randomly on a full hour on Sunday this will remain the case for the #BeastformersBattleSpecial Once dropped the exact moment obviously becomes crucial based on the connected reveals which will have place exactly every 72 hrs later.


On the @Beastformers Instagram account!
This whole event will take place Exclusively on Instagram so leaving a comment here or anywhere else (also NO Instagram DM´s) other than directly below the #BeastformersBattleSpecial means you are not participating! As soon as the 1000 (1K) Followers are reached and it is clear which Sunday the Special Battle will get dropped exact dates of the various reveal phases can be filled in and will be shared out here at the beginning of this post.

A quick summary;

WHY? To celebrate the 1K followers on Instagram
WHAT? A GOLDEN TICKET can be won that allows you to shop FREE BB items from the Temporary Beastformers Golden Ticket Booth based on a maximum amount of Points

HOW TO WIN? You can win this Golden Ticket by participating by leaving a comment (Beast & Symbol) under the #BeastformersBattleSpecial of The White Rabbit on Instagram @Beastformers within the mentioned period.

WHEN? First Sunday after the 1K Followers has been reached.

WHERE? @Beastformers on Instagram

WHO? All followers of @Beastformers (except Private Accounts) are free to enter.

Now that all of this is explained most of the questions should´ve been answered in regards to this Golden Ticket contest in order to celebrate the 1K on the @Beastformers Instagram account, only one crucial question remains;


Good luck to all who participate in the #BeastformersBattleSpecial make sure to submit your comment on time to have a chance to WIN the GOLDEN TICKET

Enjoy the Beasts!

The White Rabbit
(Beastformers Team)




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