Entanglement in the Snake Pit

In 2015 the last story in the Beastformers Stories series was posted on the Beastformers Blog and even though since than a lot of new things have been discovered there´s still an interesting story that was waiting on the shelves.

Due to the fact that the Beastformers Golden Ticket contest has been a bit time consuming and there´s not a whole lot of time to do proper research into a new subject it was the ideal moment to get this interesting story published on the Beastformers Blog. 

Sorry to those who have been around within the BB Community for a longer period because to those this story might not be completely new as it´s been shared on LittleRubberGuys.com (LRG) back in 2015 but for those who haven´t seen that post this might still be an interesting read.

Go grab your Triple Threat Snake(s) and have a look at it because this story might change things around;

III. A Strange ¨Error¨(?)
Entanglement in the Snake Pit

The Beastformers Stories section on the Beastformers Blog can also be found under the header Stories in the Menu.

In 2015 this discovery by The White Rabbit resulted in various surprised reactions and big chance it´ll still surprise you today if you haven´t heard about it before, it´s not a Myth and not a Rumor but it is definitely a good Beastformers Story!


This was the third post (3/22/2019) of the new ¨22 Project¨ dropping a new Post/Page/Update on the Beastformers Blog every 22nd of the Month in 2019. And even though this Beastformers Story might to some be old news it is still an interesting read especially if you´re new to the BB Community.

Hope you´ll enjoy and appreciate the fact that the Beastformers Stories series finally has a III release and it will continue here on the Beastformers Blog, see you back soon or… on the 22nd of next month!


Announcement: Link Appearance Update

As some of you might already know within the post and pages on the Beastformers Blog there are often many links embedded which will direct you to more background information, references or additional details in regards to the information you´re looking at. Before all of those links were kept plain and they didn´t really stand out of the text resulting in the fact they might´ve been missed in some cases. In order to prevent this in the future the Beastformers Team will be running a short pilot by showing the LINK in a more obvious way making it more stand out. Hope this will make it easier for you to get the complete story and to navigate throughout the Beastformers Blog. 

That´s all for this post, so far so good with 3/12 The White Rabbit is still on track to deliver….
a NEW Post/Page/Update every 22nd of the Month!

Enjoy the Beasts!

The Beastformers Team

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