The page for custom Battle Beasts & Laser Beasts within the Beastformers Collection will be updated soon


Please respect the originality of the figures you´ll find within the Project and Custom area of the Beastformers Blog created by friended artists and based upon the original ideas of the Beastformers Team and the input of the involved artists. All of these figures are one of a kind because of that and creating exact copies of the figures shown here is not appreciated. If you have an idea to make a custom Battle Beasts, or to have one made, please feel free to be inspired by the ones shown here and come up with your own ideas and executions instead of having a similar figure or close to that made.

ALL of the Beastformers custom Beasts have a serious damaged or discolored BB or LB as a base so no original figures in good to reasonable condition have been used for the creation of them. It is important that with a vintage line like Battle Beasts we take good care of the ¨few¨ original figures that are out there so please don´t start painting or sculpting onto a figure that´s in good condition and which could still be enjoyed as such in its original condition. By doing this you not only keep the original figures and the history of the line alive respecting the good condition of these vintage figures but you are also able to give a 2nd life to figures that otherwise would have been thrown away or kept in a box because of the fact they are not good enough for display purposes due to their poor condition.

Enjoy the customized Beasts and feel free to make some original custom Beasts yourself!

Sorry, the Beastformers team is still working here.

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