Did you have a chance to purchase something from the Instagram Exclusive Beastformer Shop?
Please leave some Feedback and share your experiences with fellow collectors.

Since at this moment in time the Beastformer Shop is still relatively new, first Pop Up on Instagram @BeastformerShop July 11th 2020, there might not be any or enough Feedback to be found yet. Therefore it might be good to check out the Feedback that has been received in the past on Instagram under #BeastformersFeedback and via the general Beastformers Feedback page HERE.

The Beastformer Shop Team will do their utmost best in order to help fellow collectors with the items they want in the hope to built a just as steady Feedback reputation. In order to do that we obviously need your help by leaving Feedback. There are various options to leave Feedback, in the most desired order they are;

Social Media (Instagram/Twitter/Facebook)
Post a picture of your purchase from the Beastformer Shop via Instagram or another social media platform with #BeastformerShopFeedback and a little rating or comment about your experience. Fellow collectors can use this hashtag to check the Feedback that the Beastformer Shop has received.

Comment on Instagram Post
Within the Beastfomer Shop Instagram Account there will be one post that caries the #BeastformerShopFeedback and this can be used by those who don´t have a public Instagram account or who don´t want to share their purchase by posting a picture on their own account. Please leave a comment of rating below this post. This post will, similar to the whole account, only be visible to those who are allowed to Follow @BeastformerShop during the Private mode or during the time the Account is in Public mode. During the time Beastformer Shop Account is in Private mode please check any of the other Feedback options.

Vote and Comment here
Feedback can also be left on this page simply by leaving your Vote in the Poll below. And if you want you can also leave a reply on this page, therefore please scroll down to the bottom of this page to ¨Leave a Reply¨

If you want you can leave your Feedback via the multiple of the options, be fair and honest because that´s the most appreciated and it´ll be the most helpful to fellow collectors who might consider a purchase in the future.

Thank you!

The Beastformers Team