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While the Explanation Designation page, which explains about the different names used within the Beastformers Checklist, is probably the most interesting to the general crowd and the normal Battle Beasts fans the explanation on this page is the main reason why the Beastformers Checklist is being built. A page for the die hard collector or those who have always wondered about slight differences they might have found among some of the Beasts. Because the details on the backside of the Beast reveal ¨secrets¨ that open up a completely other realm of collecting!

And even though the Explanation image above does already explain a few things it needs a much more thorough explanation;

  1. EVERY Battle Beasts that´s been officially released by TAKARA HASBRO has a so called Figure Number. This is the number that´s corresponding to the actual number of that figure (this number is ALSO found on the weapon to match the correct figure and weapon). BUT depending on the Mold out of which this figure was made the position of the Number and/or Size can vary! This means that the Figure Number is ONE of the first things you can look for in order to determine to what Mold your figure belonged to.

  2. Like the Figure Number (1) the so called Mold Letter is an important detail on the backside of the figure. Although in general it does only tell whether your figure comes from the A/B/C Mold type. At this moment in time the actual meaning of the Mold Letter in relation to the production process back in the days is still a bit unclear. Was B the follow up of A which had worn out and is C the follow up of B, or did each mean mold hold 3 positions and these letters simply confirmed which position each figure had in the mold. Keep in mind that the figures were produced in so called Mold Pairs, so within EACH Series you will always find at least 2 figures with the exact same base color. Pirate Lion for instance is a Mold Partner with Colonel Bird. Both Beasts have a White base color, sometimes due to the applied paint job things might be a bit less obvious but this goes for ALL Battle Beasts (BB) and Laser Beasts (LB)! BUT when it comes to the Mold Letter there are a few remarks to make;

    Series 2 (A/B/C and 1/2/3)
    For the Series 2 BB the Mold Letter found on the backside is not always a Letter…
    Because instead of an A/B/C you´ll find a 1/2/3 on some of the Series 2 Beasts instead. The reason for this temporary inconsistency (the Series 3 Beasts all have A/B/C again) is at this moment in time unclear.

    Series 3 (Position change from backside to bottom feet)
    For the Series 3 BB goes that the position of the Mold Letter has been changed and it can now no longer be found on the backside of the figure but on the bottom of its left foot.

    LB (Position and absence)
    ONLY the officially released Low-end 12 LB (#77-88) do have a Mold Letter on the bottom of their left foot (similar to the Series 3 BB). The Mid-end LB (#89-100) and High-end LB (#101-112) DON´T have a Mold Letter!

    Absence (On normal BB)
    If you have a BB Series 1 figure that is completely missing the Mold Letter (A/B/C) on the backside you can tell it is NOT a COMMON BB figure. In that case it belongs to another mold, to be continued…

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