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For more info about the BA (Beastformers Archaeology) Project please have a look at the header History.
Below the current Table of Content (of previously discussed or currently discussed/researched topics) is shown. All topics that are present on the Beastformers Blog are linked and all topics with a * behind it are not shared on the Beastformers Blog yet but these are out on LRG!



License Material

Here info and insights related to the most early development phase of the Battle Beasts line are shared.
This can be licensing material containing release guidelines or insights into budgets and release amounts provided by either TAKARA or HASBRO.

– Line Art kit Hasbro Licensing Department (1986)


Prototypes / Sculpts

Unique insights into the early design phase of the Battle Beasts figures, play sets, vehicles with the first sculpts and prototypes from TAKARA and/or HASBRO as well as early sketches and drawings all of which is material that has never been officially released!

Battle Beasts Prototypes TAKARA Design Department 1986

 – Prototype Battle Beasts Chariots (HASBRO 1987) *

 – Prototype Battle Beasts Playsets (HASBRO 1987) *

 – Prototype Laser Beasts Chariots (Buzzsaw & Battle Eagle) (HASBRO 1988) *

 – Pre-Production Transparencies *
– Original Japanese Card Artwork *


Promotion & Advertisement

A look at the various official released Promotion, Advertisements and Publications for the Battle Beasts line by TAKARA and/or HASBRO for the various countries. This includes some unique Official Toy fair footage as well as the Original TAKARA/HASBRO Catalogs from the years in which the Battle Beasts were available!

Toy Fair related

– Catalogs Takara/Hasbro (1987-1988) *

  — Video French Toy Fair (1987)


  – Advertisement (JP/US/UK/FR) *



An insight at the various releases by TAKARA or HASBRO for the Battle Beasts line world wide.
Some Series were only available in a limited amount of countries making those the harder to find Beasts of today whereas others where much wider spread and seem to be more commonly available.

  – Battle Beasts
— Serie 1
— Serie 2

  — Serie 3

  — Variants

  – Laser Beasts

  — Serie 4

  — Variants

  – Playsets / Vehicles



What different types of packaging were used by TAKARA and HASBRO to pack the Battle Beasts, some countries got single packed Beasts whereas others know them from the two figures packed on a card, etc. Where there different types of packaging for various countries and what inserts where found…

  – Boxes
– Cards


Premiums & Prize items (mail away)

The most rare items within the Battle Beasts line are probably the figures or items that could be gained via the purchase of a specific set but even more unique are those items that could only be won via a lucky draw from the Punch Box or by sending in a pamphlet in the hope to receive a so called Mail Away prize!



A department within the BA Table of Content containing currently unorganized subjects.
This explains the wide variety and incoherent topics found below but they are just temporary stored here as, in time, these will be categorized and assigned to one of the main (to be created) (sub-)chapters above.

  – Bestias de Combate, etc.

– The Battle Beasts Lunchbox & Thermos (Aladdin) *

  – Comic: Special No. 1 UK Comic 1987 *



Further Links, Topics and info will be added to the Beastformers Blog in time.

A majority of the unavailable subjects above are currently being discussed behind the scene´s and these will be posted and updated in the Table of Content (first via LRG) as soon as there are solid results and stories composed. Also the main headers that will help the way in which this Table of Content will be arranged and/or updated in time with all different kind of new subjects that will be part of discussion shortly.

The BA Team is trying hard to get at least one of these subjects discussed and published each month but some Topics cover a wider range of subjects so in order to have these tackled all at once, exploring the various direct and indirect connections between them in order to get the whole story straight, it takes a lot of time meaning we cannot work with hard deadlines. So please be patient because over time this Table of Content will grow together with the knowledge gained from the History of the Beasts!