Series 1 (1986-1987)

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Serie 1
INCLUDED                      RELEASED                  AVAILABILITY
28 Figures                     1986-1987                  Japan, North-America and Europe

More info about the markings that can be found on the figures within this series is provided after the digital catalogue of Series 1 below.  For general information have a look at the header Battle Beasts.



The First series of Battle Beasts was directly the most widespread one since they were available in Japan, Europe and North America during the ’80s. This series contained 28 figures (#1 – #28). On these series 1 figures the © Takara ’86 – © Hasbro ’86 mark can be found on the back of the figure as well as their number, which is also present on their weapon. In some European countries these first 28 figures were even produced in own factories resulting in the Spanish Bestias de Combate and the Greek Bootleg line Tepato Maxoi. In some cases a sticker [中国製] can be found on the bottom of one of the feet. This is referring to the fact of it being a genuine figure from Japan. It literally means; ”Made in China”, which seems a bit ironic but it makes more sense knowing all figures from the Japanese line were produced in China.


#1 ホワイトレオ Pirate Lion, #2 ビッグセロウ Deer Stalker, #3 ゴールダー Ferocious Tiger, #4 フライキック Colonel Bird, #5 キラーフィッシュ Killer Carp, #6 スネークボム Triple Threat Snake, #7 ドリルフロッグ Horny Toad, #8 エレファン Sledgehammer Elephant, #9 グレイシャープ Rocky Rhino, #10 グレイオックス Roamin’ Buffalo, #11 バトルベア Grizzly Bear, #12 デビルバット Blitzkrieg Bat, #13 ボンガ Gargantuan Gorilla, #14 ワイルドサンダー Swiny Boar, #15 アリゲトロン Gruesome Gator, #16 ビーフォックス Sly Fox, #17 ブラックタートル Hardtop Tortoise, #18 イエロージラフ Rubberneck Giraffe, #19 ヘジホッグ Prickly Porcupine, #20 バッドシャーク Sawtooth Shark, #21 ボードッグ Danger Dog, #22 ラピットキッド Hare Razing Rabbit, #23 ブルーホース Sir Sire Horse, #24 ギアダー War Weasel, #25 バイオレットホーン Bloodthirsty Bison, #26 ボムシープ Bighorn Sheep, #27 デスパイダー Webslinger Spider, #28 クラブヒット Crusty Crab

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  1. Hello, and seen your site and me brought back many memories , I was wondering if you also sell since and seen on ebay and some put prices too expensive , I hope your answer and sorry if something misspelled as I am using a traductor.Gracias .

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