Video French Toy Fair (1987)

Les Dragonautes (French Battle Beasts)
at the HASBRO stand/booth during the French salon du jouet (Toy Fair) of 1987.

During one of our searches within the Promotion and Advertisement topic the BA Team bumped into this interesting video with some unique Battle Beasts footage. Showing a multitude of new 80’s toy lines first shown for toy vendors in France at that particular Toy Fair back in 1987.

(Battle Beasts footage at 5:27 – 5:41)

Most likely this footage was taken during the French Toy Fair of February 1987 held in Cannes which was an International 5 day Toy Fair during which HASBRO was present to promote some of the new toy lines to be released later that year.

If you have more info related to this video please let us know.
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