On February 1st, 2014, a carefully selected team of Battle Beasts collectors (ALL active on LRG) started the Beastformers Archaeology Project (BA Project). Initially all the topics and subjects discussed and shared within this Project are exclusively released on the LittleRubberGuys forum but over time more and more of these subjects will be made available for all Battle Beasts fans out here on the Beastformers Blog! So for those who would like to be completely up to date please of the most recent releases within the BA Project please visit the; -BA- Beastformers Archaeology / Introduction & Table of Content page on LRG and become a member there to see all the info shared (images and scanned material released within the BA topics via LRG will only be visible for members).

The Beastformers Archaeology project is a joined venture between some die hard Battle Beasts collectors and fans out on LRG (Little Rubber Guys) in order to share the knowledge and information captured in the back stories of this vintage line in an organized and arranged way.

Everyone, who has interest in the Battle Beasts line, will know that there is a huge amount of information available out on the internet related to this line and probably the biggest, most accurate and up to date amount of info can be found on LRG thanks to an active group of fanatic collectors. BUT this does not always mean the info is indeed accurate or up to date. Since the original information around this line, only available in Japanese has either been translated in an incorrect way or it has been misinterpret overtime some back stories have become doubtful or show defective information due to new things that are still revealed and discovered. And its not only the Japanese language which has caused some info to become cloudy because it also goes for info which was thought to be known but which has been traced and proven to be false over time.

So the reason to combine this Beastformers Archaeology team is to once and for all get some of these original background stories verified, checked, updated were needed and clearly composed so that they can be preserved as a book of reference for all current Battle Beasts collectors as well as for those who will join in the future.

All for the sake of Battle Beasts History!

The Beastformers Archaeology team members stay in touch via PM behind the scenes (via LRG) and this is also where all of these new back stories will be composed. Via a combined PM the team will start discussing a specific subject related to the Battle Beasts line. When a specific subject has been chosen each team member is expected to come up with their knowledge, clear facts and or rumors gathered over time related to that subject, than a clear summary of the info which is already out on LRG or on other locations on internet will be added. From this mixture of information and after some serious research (when needed), which should be more than enough to compose either a complete back story based on facts or a plausible story with some missing blanks, a new accurate back story will be composed. And this is the story that will be shared in a new topic related to the subject out on LRG. So this means that the moment that topic is shared a big part of the research is already been done by the Beastformers Archaeology team and although there is a lot of knowledge present in that team it is expected that some stories are still to be completed or are in need of some blanks to be filled in and this is the moment where the other LRG members join in. In the hope to trigger as much accurate, specific detailed information and facts as possible from fellow Battle Beasts collectors and fans the back stories that will be shared in a new topic are composed in such a way that they are still open for discussion but in such a way that it will always be a matter of details so that in time the story will be fine tuned with all of your help resulting in a final true back story which is worth it to be shared and preserved!

Not only a back story will be composed and shared but if needed also clear references like pictures or scans of the subject matter will be provided for extra clarification.

Which subjects?
There is no clear order or an actual list of subjects so this means that subjects will either be picked randomly, according to a certain (or sudden) urge for info or it will be based upon the need to get some outdated back stories updated. Please do not contact any of us with the request to look in on certain subject because all of the members are out on LRG more than enough to notice if there is a certain urge for it and otherwise the team has experience enough to come up with interesting topics on their own. Despite the fact subjects might be chosen randomly the system behind it to keep this whole project arranged, which is further explained below, will make sure that there is a clear order to keep things organized and easy to trace.

The openings topic of the Beastformers Archeology project started on Feb. 1st 2014 can be found on LRG and it is be pinned as such within the Battle Beasts area of the Forum. Also the Table of Content is added there and this will grow in time along with the different kinds of subjects that will be discussed. All these different subjects will be posted within an own topic in the way known on LRG but with the only difference that as soon as a new topic is posted it will also be added and linked to the Table of Content so that the specific subject matter will be easy to trace back. This will help you to find the specific info you need in a glance serving you with the most accurate and up to date info. NOW the Beastformers Blog has its own BA Table of Content page as well!

All Beastformers Archeology topics shared on LRG will be clearly recognizable on their own as well due to the name of the header (which starts with -BA-) and the logo which will be shown at the bottom of a topic, which will also include a direct link to this main pinned topic that holds the Table of Content. ALL topics that are transfered onto the Beastformers Blog will be completely up to date according to the knowledge of the BA Team but for the most recent releases check out LRG;


Since the team is composed out of different LRG members and all subjects will be discussed in private via PM amongst the members first it is impossible to keep info coming up a couple of times a week since the idea is to really put some effort and energy in putting good and accurate back stories together. This means that the team will strive to get at least one new topic up a month if things go well this might become twice a month but it wont be more since the whole team is doing it for fun but the time and research that will be needed is something that should not be underestimated. So once (or twice) a month a new topic will be posted and added to the Table of Content within the main pinned topic on LRG and in time via the Beastformers Blog.

Part of the Beastformers Archeology Team is a maximum total of 8 LRG members who are carefully selected long term and/or well knowledgeable and/or very passionate Battle Beasts collectors. Names of these user names of these members are only shared via LRG

Apart from the core 8 BA Team members there is a couple of LRG members that are directly available for the team to provide us with references if needed. The plan was to compose a team that would hold a variety of collectors including some die hard collectors people with a massive collection and a few newer collectors in order to create an interesting mixture for the upcoming discussions. The current composition is the max amount of people to prevent endless discussions behind the scenes because in the end our goal is to share as much useful and correct information with everyone out on LRG.


As of now there is no room for other members to join the team but in time some new members might be needed or current members might be replaced so in that case there will be new chances again. Please do not request or apply for a position within the BA Team because just like the current carefully selected members all future members will be checked prior as well and those who might be selected (only LRG members can join!) for this will be informed about it.  For now please join in on the discussions within the new upcoming topics via LRG because even though your not part of this team all the information and knowledge is welcome since we are hopefully all striving for our combined goal which is a clear back story for the subject matter.


Thanks, please participate via LRG and enjoy the Beastformers Archaeology Project!