The Pugnacious Penguin Army ’11

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Army building is a known ‘deflection’ within the world of collecting even though building an army within the Battle Beasts toy line does not look very strange because it was the initial thought to built your own army out of a variety of warriors with these little fellows. And all fellow collectors will admit that having a dozen or more of these little army soldiers fully armed and lined up is pretty impressive let away a complete set of the 75 figures. But it is a little less common to have such a big army of only one figure. It does happen but in most cases people tend to collect more common or easy to get figures to built such an army, this army of Cold Feet Soldiers however took a less common route and this is how the journey started;

PPA LOGO1In the cold winter of 2011 the idea to build an Army with the smallest Battle Beast out there, the #75 Pugnacious Penguin who is also on of my personal favorites, was born and it all started of with 4 little soldiers. This is how the Pugnacious Penguin Army/Alliance (PPA) started directly followed by opening positions for new recruits from all over the world. But with this little Penguin fellow being one of the more rare and harder to find figures amongst the 76 Battle Beasts this was quite a task and it still is. On April 1st 2012 the first official statement of the PPA was launched together with the first recruits that had passed the tough and exhausting trainings which had found place the months prior to this event under extreme conditions to be prepared for any Battle! Their statement given that day in an official message from Captain P. Penguin head of the PPA was a fight against the global warming but this statement and principle was broadened along the way resulting in the final principle with their general Battle for Justice. The army is still growing and the number of Cold Feet Soldiers joining is growing on a monthly base and this has resulted in the biggest Army of Pugnacious Penguin Soldiers worldwide.

Project Idea:  Building an Army of Pugnacious Penguins
Started: Winter 2011
Ending:  Ongoing project

Current amount of Cold Feet Soldiers:                75+
(last update Sept. 2013)

Support: All kinds of support are welcomed to help the PPA in their Battle for Justice which also includes the defense of the rights and the fight for the real genuine Battle Beasts line. In general there is a lack of weapons since almost 1/3 of the soldiers are left without their Purple Spears.

Recruitment: As stated this is an ongoing project so the recruitment continues with more Penguins joining the training facilities daily but due to the extreme conditions only the best of the best will earn their position within the PPA.

In need of a Cold Feet Soldier, #75 Pugnacious Penguin?
Under special circumstances individual Penguins are allowed to leave the PPA as they’ve followed individual training procedures which makes that they can operate on their own as one man army within every Battle Beasts collection. Please contact us in case you are still in need of a Penguin warrior for your collection.

Thank you for your interest in the PPA and keep checking back for new updates and info about these little Cold Feet fellows in time.

– Captain P. Penguin

Official PPA message Sept. 2013

Since the Army is growing gradually in time more pictures of the PPA Army will be uploaded this also includes Artwork concerning the PPA made by some of the greatest artists known within the scene.

5 thoughts on “The Pugnacious Penguin Army ’11

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  2. I have loved Battle Beasts ever since 1987. Pugnacious Penguin has always been my favorite. With that being said I sure wish I could find more of them. So far I own 5 of them but I surely would like to collect more.

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