Welcome to the Beastformers Checklist on the Beastformers Blog. Even though the main intention for the built of this Checklist was to provide the Battle Beasts Community with a solid and accurate Checklist on Social Media, hence the #BeastformersChecklist, it is obviously also made available here. Over time, with a new Beast added to the Checklist every Sunday, this Beastformers Checklist can be consulted in order to simply help you complete your collection providing you a good source to see what figures you might be missing. But those Checklists do already exist and the idea for the Beastformers Checklist is not only to make it as complete as possible, with the Original Names the figures had in various countries, but also to provide a crucial and in detail division between the various releases of Battle Beasts, and Laser Beasts, figures world wide. Allowing you to determine which figure or version you might actually have this will not only make the Beastformers Checklist unique but it´ll also become interesting for the more serious and/or long term collectors.

In order to properly explain this there are two additional topics that´ll be discussed separately, for those who are interested;

On this page you´ll find and explanation about the built up of the Checklist layout for the individual figure.
Which names are used and why?

In order to determine which figure (release version) you actually have there are quite a few details that can be checked.
How and where to look for these you´ll find out on this page.

In order to check the Beastformers Checklist there will be another Checklist built alongside the old checklist which will remain active (since that´s complete). This means that the Series buttons on the main page will continue to lead you to the OLD checklist. For the new Beastformers Checklist click below;


Which figures are used for the #BeastformersChecklist?
In order to make this new checklist as informative and appealing as possible the figures that are used for it are the figures that come directly from the Beastformers Collection. This means that these are figures which have been selected over time out of multiples of the same Beasts in order to have the best possible version for the collection. BUT this doesn´t mean that all figures are perfect and without any issues because let´s not forget these are toy figures from the 80´s and they all have their history. Figures within the Beastformers Collection generally range in the C8-8.5 range in line with the; Beastformers Condition Grading System for more general information about condition check; Condition

In order to make the Beastformers Checklist fit into the Beastformers Blog nicely there will be some maintenance going on during the first period. Sorry for the inconvenience but it´s for a good cause!

Sorry, the Beastformers team is still working here.