As collectors we know how addictive it can become to chase down a full collection of all 112 Beasts, Premiums and other more exclusive items within the Battle Beasts line. All of which comes with a price especially since the figures are becoming harder to find and once they show up condition often plays a crucial role in the value of them. The Beastformer Shop Team strives for the best when it comes to quality in order to help you out with nice items in good condition but we also implemented a little extra gimmick within the Beastformer Shop for devoted and returning fellow collectors; DISCOUNT!

In line with the elusive character of this Instagram Exclusive Pop Up Shop (@BeastformerShop) there has been a unique Saving Plan created for you;

Collect BEASTFORMER SHOP Coins with each* purchase and


on your future purchase*When you have collected a minimum of 10 Coins on the COIN COLLECTING CARD they can be exchanged for a 10% OFF Discount. BUT you can also continue to collect the maximum of 20 Coins*** for a 20% OFF Discount. One COIN COLLECTING CARD (with the valid number of Coins) is good for at least 2x 10% OR 1x 20% OFF. Want to know how to get an EXTRA BONUS 5% OFF? Place your Coins wisely…

* For every 100 (EURO) / ¥12000 (YEN) spend you will receive 1 BEASTFORMER SHOP COIN with your order. 
** Discount is ONLY valid for 1 (ONE) item, of your choice, per order. 
*** The maximum amount of BEASTFORMER SHOP COINS that can be obtained in ONE order, regardless the total amount, is 20.

This Coin, which is actually a sticker, holds a special gimmick inspired by the Laser Beasts Orb. You can probably tell or imagine based on the example coins shown on the right. But you´ll find out once you actually have them in hand, IF you purchase something from the Beastformer Shop.

Place your Coins wisely…

The Coins obviously play a crucial role in the Saving Plan in order to get your 10% or 20% OFF Discount but their gimmick becomes even more crucial to obtain that last EXTRA BONUS 5% OFF.

Therefore you would need to have access to the COIN COLLECTING CARD page of the Beastformer Shop out here on the Beastformers Blog. But since this is a Password Protected page only those who have a Coin Collecting Card are able to enter…

The Coin Collecting Card or CCC, as we named it under the working title, is the KEY element in this Beastformer Shop Saving Plan because without it you can´t access the Password Protected;


page and your BEASTFORMER SHOP Coins are worthless without it.

On the right you can see an example of the Front side of the Coin Collecting Card but it is actually the Back side, there where you have to place the BEASTFORMER SHOP Coins, that holds the crucial information. And in order to see that…

Keep in mind that the Coin Collecting Card is ONLY handed out ONCE with your first order*** so please make sure to keep it around if you actually plan to save for Discount from the Beastformer Shop!

*** The Beastformer Shop Team holds the right to decide whether or not a COIN COLLECTING CARD  is included with your very first order.

At this moment the COIN COLLECTING CARDS are very limited and not everyone who will purchase an item might be in it long enough to actually have a chance to Save towards the Discount simply because it´s unlikely for them to obtain enough BEASTFORMER SHOP Coins. Of course this is an estimate so if in time it turns out that you are gathering enough Coins the CCC will be included for you in a later order. And for those who have fully filled their CCC and submitted it a NEW CCC might be included again, as stated above it will depend upon the estimate of the Beastformer Shop Team

The FULL instructions, restrictions and information about how to obtain the maximum amount of discount and how to submit it successfully can be found on;


A page the is exclusively accessible by those who have received one with their order from the Beastformer Shop.

The Beastformers Team