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Beast Saga is the new 2012 line based on the Battle Beasts from the 1980’s. The figures are a little bigger than the vintage line and measure around 2.2 – 2.4″ (5,5 – 6 cm) tall. Like the old line they are anthropomorphic animal warrior action figures that come, in most cases, with a weapon and a set of dices which can be placed within the chest area. They have articulation in as well arms as legs.

These figures are released by the Japanese toy company Takara Tomy under the name ビーストサーガ (Beast Saga).

The line was announced in the beginning of 2012 and the first figures were shown during the Tokyo Toy Show in June.  Outside some promo figures the figures of this line became officially available in September 7, 2012.

For now the Beast Saga figures are only available in Japan, but have been distributed worldwide by Beastformers collectors.

Contrary to the old Beastformers which did not have a lot of story line this line is launched to become a global success since a whole marketing strategy is attached to the figures, including the dice game a manga series and even their own anime on Japanese television. At this point its unknown how many figures will be released but the expectations are up to 100+. But it is not sure if this includes the different variants of the same Beast Saga figures.

More info about this line and further details can be found bellow after the provided link that will directly guide you to the digital Beast Saga catalogue.

Beast Saga

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