In July 2020 the Beastformer Shop Popped Up for the very first time as an Instagram exclusive shop that offers the more exclusive and premium Beastformer items. It is a shop by collectors for collectors bringing the best of two worlds together; the enthusiasm and passion for the line supported by the knowledge of the Beastformers Blog and great items!

Bit by bit the whole logo design of the Beastformer Shop will be explained on this page.
For those who might be interested to learn more about it, read in between the lines.

¨Exclusive Beasts from West & East¨
This one liner perfectly goes with the Beastformer Shop because in one line it explains what WE, the Beastformer Shop Team, are all about. Because not only will we regularly be offering these ¨Exclusive Beasts from West & East¨ the Beastformer Shop literally has TWO locations;

西 / WEST

The Beastformer Shop WEST is located in Europe and it will mainly be responsible for the offering of the Exclusive items you´d expect to come from this continent like the EU exclusive Shields for the Shield Battlers and items like the Bestias de Combate.



The Beastformer Shop EAST is located in Japan and it will be solely responsible for the offering of the exclusive items you´d expect from the origin country of the Beasts namely the Japanese only releases like the high end Laser Beasts, Premiums and other Beastformers items.


Back in the days, in 1985, West and East already found each other with HASBRO joining in on TAKARA´s Beastformers line resulting in the fact that we´ve been able to enjoy the beasts on a global and worldwide scale under the name Battle Beasts. And now, 35 years later, West and East unite again in order to be able to help out fellow collectors worldwide in their quest to complete their collection or help them with that specific item they´ve been looking for for years.

Did you see the two Japanese Characters in the Logo?
Those are now explained and you know where they originate from.

With the Beastformer Shop which is replacing the old Beastformers Shop, that has been part of the Beastformers Blog, there are no changes when it comes to the initial intention that formed the main reason to start a shop;

¨The shop was started years ago in order to keep the Beastformers Blog going and to be able to fund certain research topics, projects, commission custom projects with various artists and so on. It is no secret that therefore every now and than pieces from within the Beastformers Collection have to move simply to make all of this possible. As a collector at heart this is always a hard step but it makes things easier knowing that it helps the Beastformers Blog to exist and grow with even more awesome and informative topics for fellow collectors to be enjoyed and consult in the future. And of course at the same time it helps out fellow collectors with items for their collection, because in the end that´s what it is all about;
Sharing the passion for Battle Beasts.¨

This means that like before with every purchase made within the Beastformer Shop you contribute and support the Beastformers Blog! It says a lot about the intention of the Japanese side, the Beastformers Shop EAST, and the Beastformers Blog that this structure is still maintained.

With the original intention still standing strong there is a second, and the most important, reason that explains why the Beastformer Shop has been created; YOU

Because over time the Beastformers Shop and the (social media) accounts related to the Beastformers Blog have regularly received requests of fellow collectors asking for specific figures, items or even complete sets. Requests that in most cases have always been answered positively in the past BUT despite all the connections and leads that have been built over the years the last 1,5 – 2 years it´s proven to become harder and harder to find the more exclusive items and much more than desired the Beastformers Team had to answer requests about the availability of items negatively.

With that given there were to options; continuing to answer requests from fellow collectors negatively OR do something about it and built a more sustainable and long term solution that would open up the possibility to be more helpful again in the future.

It says a lot that fellow collectors reach out not only with questions about the line in general, which is one of the greatest things to connect about with collectors worldwide, but also with their requests to help them with certain items. And since the Beastformers Blog is there to help wherever it is possible and a negative answer to your request is not desired the Beastformer Shop has been launched. Something that didn´t happen overnight because over the past months a solid connection and bond had to be built based on trust and common values in order to do things right and to ensure everyone within the Beastformer Shop Team is on the same page. Knowing you are currently looking at a page of the Beastformer Shop that process has been successful. All of this should result not only in great items for the short term meaning that one item you have been hunting down might be available but also for the long term which opens up the possibility to help (new) collectors building a full collection again. Of course with these items it is always unpredictable what, where and when something will Pop Up but that´s also what makes collecting this line so much fun. The hunt for Beasts is unpredictable but with the Beastformer Shop around to help you the impossible might become possible, IF you can find it…

Instagram Exclusive POP UP Store
Similar to the items available within the Beastformer Shop the shop itself has quite an elusive character on its own. Although it has an area out here on the Beastformers Blog the Beastformers Shop is an Instagram Exclusive one which means that out here on the Blog only additional information about the Beastformer Shop is provided and you will have to actually visit the Instagram account @BeastformerShop in order to see the items that are available to purchase.

But this might sound easier than it is because not only is it Instagram Exclusive it is also a POP UP Store meaning you will never exactly know WHEN it will show up, WHO is allowed to enter and and WHAT will be available? Luckily for you the WHERE is no longer a question knowing you´ve to look for the @BeastformerShop on Instagram and for the rest;


¨Follow the signs of the Grotesque¨

The Beastformer Shop´s Grotesque is out there somewhere with the responsible task to inform you about when the Beastformer Shop might Pop Up (again). If you encounter it know it won´t communicate in words but it will give you a sign. Places to look for are the header out here on the Beastformers Blog but also the symbol showing in the Beastformer Shop logo on @BeastformerShop. These signs will built up or change towards the new Pop Up moment so you know something is coming. The exact moment of the Pop Up will be announced, 1 week prior to the Pop Up, via the Official Social Media channels of the Beastformers Blog (Instagram: @Beastformers and/or Twitter: @Beastformers) so keep an eye out on those not to miss anything.

Skull Grotesque is without a doubt the most elusive Beast within the whole line so we couldn´t think of, or wish for, a better mascot for the Elusive Beastformer Shop. This explains why Grotesque plays a key role in the Logo design.


To strengthen the elusive character of the Beastformer Shop the majority of the time the Instagram account @BeastformerShop will be a PRIVATE Account with NO followers…

But an invisible shop ain´t fun for anyone so for each new Pop Up moment a maximum of 10 accounts will be allowed, early, access to the Beastformer Shop. They will have 1 week to look around and make up their mind about whether they want to purchase an item or not. After this week the Private Account of the Beastformer Shop will be UNLOCKED meaning it will become a Public Account making everything visible and available to everyone who is interested.

Do you want to know HOW TO FOLLOW?
Please have a look at; Follow the Beastformer Shop


This is the question that will remain unanswered because no one knows or can predict what will be available the next time the Beastformer Shop Pops Up. In time there might be ¨themed¨ Pop Ups or the Beastformer Shop might open up the possibility to cooperate with artists in order to give them an exclusive platform for a limited release. There´s no shortage of ideas but this is still to be explored.

A bit more additional information about the Instagram account and the items that will be solely available there;

Items that have been Sold or Reserved (under certain conditions) during the early access period will be clearly mentioned since they will either be marked with SOLD or RESERVED (in the description) and for the rest all the items will be available for you to purchase if interested. During the Public Account period everyone is able to start following the @BeastformerShop BUT remember that this will only be TEMPORARILY. Once the Public status period of the Account, which will be communicated up front via the Bio profile, expires ALL FOLLOWERS including the ones who had been granted the early access will be REMOVED! Leaving the @BeastformerShop Account without any followers behind returning back into the Privacy of a PRIVATE Instagram Account.

This Pop UP idea is enhancing the elusive character of the Shop and it will open up the opportunity for the Beastformer Shop Team to restock and rearrange the available items. It also means that some items might only be available during a certain time window and they will not be around the next time the Beastformer Shop will Pop Up again.

The whole cycle of the Instagram Account switching from Private, Opening with exclusive access, turn Public and so on will become a reoccurring event. Remember to Follow the signs of the Grotesque and TRY to Follow for the next round!

Since within Instagram the Circle is the standard shape size for the profile image and this being an Instagram Exclusive Pop Up Shop it´s clear that the logo had to follow some restrictions, one of the reasons why the Beastformer Shop logo is round. Obviously it also refers to the round orb of the Laser Beasts! 

The Beastformers Shop Team has been working hard to create a fully unique design style to go with the Instagram Exclusive Pop Up store which is also in line with the elusive character of the Beastformer Shop. Embedded in this whole style and the way in which in particular the Laser Beasts will be presented within the Beastformer Shop on Instagram is another little gimmick that will hopefully be enjoyed by the BB Community because the actual Symbol (Fire, Wood, Water) of the specific Laser Beast item can make a difference as well. If you are curious for more information about this please visit; Discount

Of course within the whole line the Laser Beast orbs play an important role but they also play a key role within the Beastformer Shop and therefore the 3 Symbols are also present within the logo.

Nearing the end of this ABOUT the Beastformer Shop page there is only one element of the logo left to explain but most of you probably have been able to make that connection already. And in case it might not have been that obvious;

Japan, Land of the Rising Sun AND Origin country of the Beastformers.
Does the RED Circle in the Beastformer Shop logo ring any bells?

Not only have you learned more ABOUT the Beastformer Shop in between the lines also our whole logo has been explained. During the design phase of the logo we came to the conclusion that subconsciously it was actually inspired by a picture that had already been posted on @Beastformers back in May 2018;


A Silhouette of the Elusive Grotesque in the bright red light of the Rising Sun on Planet Beast!

Thank you for your interest in the Beastformer Shop and who knows maybe the Grotesque will lead you to another upcoming Pop Up of this elusive and exclusive Instagram Shop in the future…

The Beastformer Shop Team