The Beastformers Blog was launched in 2013 and was born out of the passion and fascination for these little anthropomorphic animals called Beastformers. And although these figures, released by Takara Hasbro in the ’80s, are a few decades old there is still a lot to discover about this line.

Interested to read about my personal memories of this line and the first Beast that started it all check out one of the first posts on the Beastformers Blog;

Robot Animal Takara Hasbro ’86

Some of these figs were released globally where others were only released in their country of origin, Japan, and some countries even had their own exclusive production of figures which are clearly different from the originals like Greece and Spain. Due to their global release collectors of these little figures can be found all over the world forming a small community bound by the same interest; Battle Beasts.

Wood beats Water,
Water beats Fire,
Fire beats Wood.

The launch of the Beast Saga line by Tomy Takara in 2012 was the long-awaited 21st Century reinterpretation of an old success story. Because in the end the Beastformers can be seen as the ancestor of success series like Pokemon and others that followed including figures using their elements to battle each other. Those elements have been replaced in the Beast Saga line by tribes; Land, Sky, Sea. With their own anime and their battle game of dices it will be a matter of time before this line will be successfully spread outside Japan.

Whether you’re a ’70s or ’80s child with great nostalgic memories to this line or a child of today both lines represent the idea of battling animals in a fascinating way.

Curious to see more of the Beastformers Collection and to learn more about The White Rabbit check out the exclusive interview that´s done in 2016;

Q&A with the White Rabbit

To me the vintage line is still far ahead of its time, even today, and as a designer it’s fascinating to see how simplicity and detail at the same time can make such strong characters.

Youtube Back

The world of Beastformers is fascinating and there is still a lot more to discover.

Enjoy the Beasts!

The White Rabbit

Battle Beasts, Laser Beasts, Beast Saga

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