Robot Animal Takara Hasbro ’86

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These 4 words and the number might have brought you here during your first search for these figures on Google. At least these were the search terms I used before entering the world of these fascinating figures. As an ’80s child Takara Hasbro launched this line a year after I was born so it were probably the ’90s in which these figures became cool toys for me since it were always the older and bigger kids playing with them. It didn’t take me too long before I managed to convince one of these older guys to trade me one of these cool robot animals for another toy, here it was my first toy trade. I became the proud owner of a turquoise rabbit. He’s been a hero for me ever since, beating all of my other toys within the playfull and fantasy battles I had directed in my mind as a kid. But with the time passing also this hero ended up in a box, as most of our toys eventually do.

Years passed, I grew older, and during some cleaning I bumped into one of my boxes full of old toys and after reaching and digging across the old memories I suddenly stopped, there it was………  I was facing my old hero, the turqoise rabbit. Even though I had totaly forgot about this little fellow seeing him appearing from the shadow in which he’s been hidding for almost 15 years directly brought back a dozen of good memories. Nostalgia is the magic word here. And this key factor  together with the still great looking design of the figure made me wonder who this little fellow actually was and to which line it belonged. My memory was only able to bring some vague figures back like a snake and a crab but that’s about it as I never heard or noticed any names to go with them back in the days.

But Google and the marks I found on the back of the figure helped me out and after all those years I finally got the name of the toy line to which this figure belonged; BATTLE BEASTS. After finding this the following Google searches became a trip down memory lane.

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