Deadline update

DEADLine Post

With just seconds away from the official launch of this blog the Beastformers team is proud to mention that the Battle Beasts and Lasers Beasts (Serie 1, 2, 3 and 4) digital catalogue is online. This was the main goal for the launch but it took a lot of time and effort to have all the figures photographed individually and in the correct pose, but its done before the deadline and just seconds before the first official post will be blogged.

To navigate to and trough the catalogue of the series you can use the buttons on the right of the screen which will directly lead you to the serie your looking for or use the main menu which you can find in the bar above. Under Battler Beasts and Laser Beasts you can find the series your looking for as well.

The < and > underneath the catalogue you can use to navigate to the next or previous serie. Hope this will be a usefull tool for all collectors to have names, numbers and figures present in a digital online catalogue.


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