Despite the fact collecting Beastformers is a lot of fun it can also be frustrating or boring some times. Some figures might just need a lot of patience to find while others might be out of the budget you feel comfortable spending so finding the right figure for the right price and at the right moment takes time. Also once your done completing the collection you wanted it might feel like loosing a part of the fun that collecting brings because the search and the hunt for certain items brings also a lot of joy like new connections and friends with fellow collectors or it might bring new insights. So either, way wether your awaiting those last items to show up or your getting bored after you have finished your collection, most end up looking for other options that are closely related to this and than projects often come into existence.

There are several kind of projects you can think of outside the collecting part like for instance Army building, completing a certain set of hard to find figures or go for some custom figures so there are enough options out there to stay active within the collecting community even after you have completed your collection!

The Beastformers team is always involved in or considering new projects to work on to prevent getting bored and to stay in touch and inspire all the fellow collectors out there. This project area on the blog shows the projects the Beastformers team is or has been working on the past years and more projects will be updated in time.

If your passionate for the Beastformers line there is enough to look out for even after completing the collection you were after so be inspired and start your own projects!

The Beastformers Team

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