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On November 15th, 2014, the first Rise of the Beasts figures are made available for collectors and kids world wide but previous to this release some Beasts have been spread out amongst some people who helped creating this line, the original Kickstarter Backers (Gold figure) and a lucky few collectors were able to purchase some figures before their actual release, resulting in various previews. Apart from these so called pre-release figures there´ve also been a few figures available via a contest or raffle that was held via an event (NYCC 2014) and online fora (Little Rubber Guys and October Toys). Via these contests a few exclusive figures became available the so called prize figures (Black-washed Resin Prototypes). And apart from the regular figures that are available there is another gimmick because as long as they last there is a chance of getting 2 different premium versions of the figures that are released now, these are made available to orders of 10+ figures. So despite the fact there´s only 2 different characters available during the first release they come in a wide variety. So let´s have a look! (Click on the First image of each Beast to go to their Bio-profile)

GaamikRhino– Fully Painted

GaamikRhino– Monotone Colors

GaamikRhino– Resin Prototype (Prize Figure)

RotB Scorpion

CahrivScorpion– Fully Painted

RotB Scorpion Colors

CahrivScorpion- Monotone Colors

RotB Scorpion Special Gold

CahrivScorpion– Painted (Premium figure)
















Further info:

Size RotB vs BB

Size comparison Rise of the Beasts vs Battle Beasts

The Rise of the Beasts figures stand around 60-65 mm tall meaning they are a little higher than the original vintage Battle Beasts line but the figures are less bulky which gives them more the action figure look which will make these figures even more interesting for a much wider public. When it comes to the detail there´s only positive things to say because the designers really did and excellent job here. Where the power of the original Beasts was embedded in the highly detailed armor in contrast with the relatively simple but strong sculpt of the animals the designers of the Rise of the Beasts line really overruled this thought and went all the way with the whole figure clearly showing muscles and the right details. But with adding the little square to the chest of the figures they kept a little bit of the spirit of the Battle Beasts line alive.

All figures, except some of the prototype versions, are made out of PVC but not a very hard and stiff variant but a more rubbery type which seems and feels much more durable than the real hard type of plastic that is often used for cheaper toys. It is to bad it ain´t fully rubber but the material is obviously related to the factory producing them since it is the Glyos factory. And together with the choice for this factory comes an extra advantage which is the fact that all the joints for these figures are Glyos joints which makes parts easily interchangeable with all other Glyos related lines and of course the other characters within the Rise of the Beasts line.

RotB Articulation Joints

4 Points of articulation and Glyos connections.

Articulation, to possibility to pose a figure, is always a big plus for various action figure addicts and when it comes to that the Rise of the Beasts line scores again a big plus because they figure have 4 points of articulation! Neck, waist and shoulders all articulate providing a wide range of poses. Certain figures are even provided with an additional joint but this is depending upon the character and whether or not it adds something to it. With the Scorpion figure for instance they´ve chosen to add an extra articulation point to the tail giving the figure just that extra bit of character.

As mentioned above figures are available in a wider variety ranging from the actual fully painted characters till monotone colored figures so there´s enough choice when it comes to looks.

If there´s one minor issue to note within this line it is the current absence of weapons but apart from that the Rise of the Beasts line brings some great new characters, action figures who are not afraid to start the Battle with the old nostalic toylines.

Let the Battle begin and enjoy this new line!

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