WP Progress I

After May 1st, the official release of this blog which included the fully updated online catalogue of the Battle Beasts and Laser Beasts, the updates have been very limited. This is due to the fact that the Beastformers crew is working their way through a lot of information both on and off the internet to gather as much usefull and correct facts about this line as possible. Since this is taking some time big updates may not be expected but over time all the info will be updated gradually.

When it comes to the looks/layout of the blog and the different subjects which are discussed the Beasts are pretty satisfied so despite some minimal fine tuning in the future this will all remain and hopefully will become a usefull source for all collectors.

Our first goal is to have the vintage Battle Beasts and Laser Beasts lines with all the related info and topics up and running while the newer Beast Saga line will evolve gradually since this line is still active and new releases will keep comming.  

But despite all the effort the message below can still be seen on some pages out on this blog for a while.

Sorry, the Beastformers team is still working here.

For now the Beastformers crew will dive back into all their documentation and digital files about these awesome little figures to sort out which information is usefull to mention and share on the blog.   

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