The RED (Crimson) Eyed Cat…

It´s been a while and with the holidays ahead it´s time for a good, interesting and surprising read so what about a new story for the Beastformers Stories series? In 2019 the last story (III) (Entanglement in the Snake Pit) was released in this series after and even longer period of silence of almost 4 years after the second (II) story (A Mysterious Truth…) so it could have been worse. Now there´s a 4th (IV) story added and it´s one that´s worth the wait for sure…

Earlier this year the BB Community was shocked with a name change of some of the Laser Beasts after the Beastformers Archaeology (BA) Team decided to look into the translations from Japanese to English that were done in the past. And this resulted in some interesting and in some cases explainable new names shared in the post; Renaming the Laser Beasts. After reading this new story one of those name changes might become a whole lot more understandable.

Be prepared because it´s a long read but it´s full of interesting details and pictures and even the most die hard BB collectors might be surprised!

IV. The RED (Crimson) Eyed Cat that escaped from TAKARA…

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In 2018 a few of you might have heard or known about it but since than things have taken a flight resulting in an outcome none could´ve predicted. This time the Beastformers Story might actually ruin one of the Myths that´s been part of the BB Community for ages; nothing has ever left the TAKARA design studio or did something actually…. ESCAPE FROM TAKARA?

Enjoy the Beasts!

The Beastformers Team

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