Battle Beasts Annual 1988 (UK)

During the 80´s there were several publications about the Battle Beasts all of which were exclusively available to a specific country. Where the US had it´s own 4 BATTLE BEASTS COMICS #1-4 the United Kingdom (UK) had a few publications as well one of which was the Battle Beasts Annual. Remember when you received a puzzle/color book from your parents for the holidays or to keep you distracted during traveling? The Battle Beasts Annual that was released in the UK is a perfect example of that because it holds various (interactive) stories, puzzles, do-it-yourself battle scenes and more. Imagine getting this as a kid during the BB heydays, you´d definitely had a blast!

In this Annual you´ll only find the first 18 Battle Beasts because only the first 18 Beasts were used during the main promotion period of this line and somehow that trend seems to have extended into this Annual of 1988.

A long time ago, back in 2016, the 3 DIY Battle Beasts Scenes found within this Annual, have already been made available here on the Beastformers Blog but now a high quality scan of the whole Battle Beasts Annual is freely available for online reading* and download for the whole BB Community and other fans thanks to @BattleBeastMode (Instagram).

*Sadly enough most phone and tablet browsers won’t display embedded PDFs meaning only the Download option is available.

By clicking on the image below you´ll be guided to the concerning Page on the Beastformers Blog, which can also be found in the main menu under the header Battle Beasts.

The page with the Battle Beasts Annual can also be found via the Menu under the header Battle Beasts.

In the future also other Battle Beasts publications like the UK Special Magazines will be added but for now here is the Battle Beasts Annual to enjoy.

Again a huge thanks to @BattleBeastMode for the effort of scanning this awesome piece of BB History in high quality and making it available to the BB Community, hopefully by adding it to the Beastformers Blog it´ll get even more exposure and more people will be able to enjoy it.

But first let´s see if you still got it and can figure out this puzzle coming from the Annual, can you solve it?

In case you can´t figure it out the answer can be found on Page 63 of the Battle Beasts Annual 1988.

For the real die hard collectors the actual physical original book will be the best, and it´s definitely worth adding it to the collection when you get the chance, but it´s always good to have it digitized as well in order to preserve the history of the Beasts.

Enjoy the Beasts!

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