Preannouncement Beastformer Shop Opening

Dear Battle Beasts fans, fellow collectors, followers and other visitors of the Beastformers Blog,

As mentioned in the previous post of July 1st; Maintenance Announcement the main reason for this maintenance period are the recent activities and developments in the Beastformers Shop area of the Beastformers Blog. It also mentioned that the SHOP as it was known will not return to the Beastformers Blog anymore. For some this might have been a shock while for others it´s not a big thing since they´re not out here to shop but to consult the Beastformers Blog searching for information about our beloved toy line; Battle Beasts.

Of course the main and top priority of the Beastformers Blog will always remain to preserve the history of the Battle Beasts line in the most complete way possible, a process that´s still ongoing. And looking at all the topics we still have to go through you could say we´ve barely even started, and that´s despite all the information out here already! But to keep things going and to be able to fund certain research topics, projects, keep the blog running, commission custom projects with various artists and so on it is no secret that every now and than pieces from within the Beastformers Collection have to move simply to make all of this possible. And this is why the Beastformers Shop was started years ago.

With the evolution of Social Media and the various other platforms the amount of visitors to the Beastformers Shop area of the Blog has been very limited over the past years with the communication shifting to the other channels and that´s been the main reason why during the last Previews at the beginning of each year it was always doubtful whether or not the Beastformers Shop would make it into the new year.

That decision has now been made with the actual closure of the Beastformers Shop on July 1st 2020. There is still ongoing maintenance so it is possible you might still bump into some references to the Beastformers Shop but those will gradually be removed in the next period.

So now what?

Over the past months the Beastformers Team has been working hard to develop something new to replace the old Beastformers Shop making it solid for years to come and we´re proud to announce that on July 11th 2020 a new Shop will be opened named the;



Not a big change you´d say from BeastformerS Shop to BEASTFORMER SHOP but the removed s, from Beastformers, is probably the most subtle and least impressive change for something that´s supposed to become pretty awesome especially if you´re at the point in your collection where you are entering the harder to find Laser Beasts or premium figures. If that´s the case than this new Beastformer Shop is definitely worth a visit. It´s even possible that die hard collectors who are after some premium or rare items might be surprised by some of the items in the Beastformer Shop every now and then, BUT…

Similar to the Beasts which are becoming harder and harder to find the Beastformer Shop will also get a very exclusive and elusive character because although it will remain connected to and, part be part of, the Beastformers Blog (it will remain visible in the menu for general and additional information) the Beastformer Shop will become a completely Instagram Exclusive Shop. And that´s not it because it will become a POP UP type of Shop which means only every once in a while it will be possible to actually visit the Beastformer Shop on Instagram. HOW?

For most of the time the Beastformer Shop will be a PRIVATE Instagram account that can only be accessed by those who have been granted access to the Shop, which are the accounts of which the Follow Request has been Approved. This early or exclusive access is FREE but it is also very limited with  ONLY 10 Accounts that will be allowed to follow. Which means that there will be selection criteria and that won´t be a simple matter of just the first 10 who submit a follow request are granted the early access. What are the best options and odds to be successful in following the Beastformer Shop and to have a unique and exclusive view inside this elusive shop full of awesome Beasts items?


  • 1. You can simply submit a Follow Request via Instagram to @BeastformerShop this might be successful if you are a Battle Beasts fan and have been in touch with the Beastformers Blog Official Instagram account @Beastformers in the past and you are currently Following it.


  • 2. You are looking for some of the harder to find items (figures #89+ and premiums) and/or have a wantlist that matches some of the items that will be available within the shop. In order to have a better insight in this it might be wise to submit your wantlist up front to have a higher chance of Approval on your Follow Request. (A contact form will be added at the bottom of this post for you to submit your wantlist straight away)


  • 3. You have been buying from, or trading with, @Beastformers before and your wantlist is still known and it matches (some of) the items that will be available in the Beastformer Shop. In this case you might get contacted by @Beastformers via Instagram with the remark to submit a Follow Request for the @BeastformerShop if interested knowing there will be items available you are looking for.



Option 3 is the only 100% solid option to have your Follow Request approved and for the rest it will be depending a lot on the items listed within the Beastformer Shop at that moment and your motivation or reason to follow.

Remember ONLY 10 Instagram accounts will be granted early access BUT after a week, this will give the early access accounts enough time to make a decision, the PRIVATE Account of the Beastformer Shop will be UNLOCKED and turn into a PUBLIC Account making the Beastformer Shop visible to everyone who is interested. The items that have been Sold or Reserved (under certain conditions) during the early access period will be clearly mentioned since they will either be marked with SOLD or RESERVED (in the description) and for the rest all the items will be available for you to purchase if interested. During this Public Account period everyone is able to start following the @BeastformerShop BUT remember that this will only be TEMPORARILY. Once the Public status period of the Account, which will be communicated up front via the Bio profile, expires ALL FOLLOWERS including the ones who had been granted the early access will be REMOVED! Leaving the @BeastformerShop Account without any followers behind returning back into the Privacy of a PRIVATE Instagram Account.

This Pop UP idea is enhancing the elusive character of the Shop and it will open up the opportunity for the Beastformer Shop Team to restock and rearrange the available items. It also means that some items might only be available during a certain time window and they will not be around the next time the Beastformer Shop will open up again…

The whole cycle of the Instagram Account switching from Private, Opening with exclusive access, turn Public and so on will become a reoccurring event but you will never exactly know when it will happen and what will be available once it does appear again. But one thing is for sure because there is only one elusive Beast out there that could take on this task of guiding you towards something elusive, you guess…

Curious to find out more or would you like to be one of the limited 10 Instagram accounts who will receive the early access during the Opening of the new Beastformer Shop on July 11th? Keep an eye out on the Official Beastformers Blog Social Media channels and feel free to go ahead and already submit your follow request!

On July 11th the Logo of the NEW Beastformer Shop will be revealed at 10pm CEST here on the Beastformers Blog and the Instagram account will go ¨LIVE.¨ And the first, selected, 10 Instagram accounts who have submitted a Follow Request on Instagram for @BeastformerShop will be Approved in the hours following up to the Opening of the Beastformer Shop. On July 18th, one week after the exclusive opening, at 10pm CEST the Beastformer Shop Instagram Account will be unlocked and turn into a PUBLIC profile for the very first time! But until than you´ll just have to await the ¨LOADING¨ status for 1 more week or maybe 2…


More information or adjustments will be communicated during this week if necessary in the meantime give it a try to follow the Beastformer Shop because it´ll be worth it and otherwise it´ll definitely be worth the wait in order to check out some Exclusive Beasts as soon as the Shop completely unlocks!

For the ¨normal¨ Battle Beasts (Series 1-3 and the Lower 12 Laser Beasts), and related, items the Beastformers Blog or the Official Instagram @Beastformers is there as usual. A contact/order form option will remain available for it here on the Beastformers Blog as well. But when it comes to the more Exclusive Beasts the new Beastformer Shop will be the place to go!

You might still have a lot of questions or have curiosity level that´s rising through the roof by now but get used to it because before you can enjoy some exclusive Beasts you will have to find and follow the Beastformer Shop first…

The Beastformers Team
& The Beastformer Shop Team


For those who can´t wait and would like to have a chance to become 1 of the 10 Instagram Accounts to follow @BeastformerShop during the Opening of the Shop, remember access will be granted (Follow Request Approved) on July 11th after 10pm CEST and onward, you can submit your motivation below. It´s strongly suggested to include you wantlist, but all submitted forms will be treated equally. And remember if you´re request won´t be Approved there will always be another time whenever the Beastformer Shop POP UP again!

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