Maintenance Announcement


Dear Battle Beasts fans, followers and other visitors of the Beastformers Blog,

During the whole month of JULY 2020 the Beastformers Blog will be undergoing Maintenance which might cause some inconveniences. Certain pages/areas of the Blog might become temporarily unavailable and the look of the Blog in general might be affected/changed during certain moments as well. So if any of these changes become visible or you´re confronted with it during the next period you now know where it is coming from.

For the most part, and during the beginning of this month, the Maintenance will have the most effect on the Beastformers SHOP area of the Beastformers Blog since the SHOP will as of now temporarily be CLOSED. And it will not return to the Blog in it´s original shape. For further details keep an eye out on the Social Media because a little hint in regards to this has recently been shared there already;

This Mysterious Red glow might show up, and intensify, on more areas of the Beastformers Blog in the next few days leading towards the opening of a NEW Shop idea. Please keep an eye out here and on the Official Social Media channels of the Beastformers Blog to stay up to date!

This post is only temporary and it will be removed as soon as the Maintenance period has been finished and the changes have been successfully implemented into the Beastformers Blog. Where possible this post will be expanded to give you more insight in the areas of the Blog that are currently undergoing Maintenance to keep you informed in detail.

Thank you for your understanding and despite some inconveniences don´t let this hold you back to…

Enjoy the Beasts!

The Beastformers Team

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