Why the Donation button?

Regular visitors of the Beastformers Blog might´ve already noticed that since Jan. 1st (2016) a Donation Button has been added to the layout of the blog. There have not been any questions about this yet but I think it is fair to share the thoughts behind this.

3 Years ago this blog started out of the passion for the Battle Beasts line with the idea to make it a nice place to hang out for fellow collectors from all over the world by sharing and combining a lot of the info which was already available online but in a to fragmented way. Article by article and page by page this process is still going on and the Beastformers Blog is slowly getting in the direction of becoming a good source to visit when it comes to info about the Beasts. All of this is possible because of the ongoing effort and passion which the Beastformers Team and some closely involved fellow collectors put into all this. But with all the ongoing projects and researches that are going on behind the scenes, because before a page with information about the original lines is added it has passed quite a few stations and checks in order to verify all of it, there´s quite a lot of energy invested and research done. And even though for many of us within the Beastformers Team this is the most fun part it also takes up quite some time and funds in some cases in order to get a hold of original pieces or other info in order to be able to check certain issues or to verify certain facts. And to get the Beastformers Blog going and updated once in a while it is not a secret that we also sell figures or items related to this line once in a while. The biggest chunk of the funds gained by those sales are directly or indirectly invested into the research and development for this blog so by purchasing something via the new (soon to be opened) Beastformers Shop, Ebay or Instagram you are also helping this place to exist and evolve.

So; Why the Donation button?  
The pace at which updates and additions to this blog are made is not very regular so far mainly because of the fact the Beastformers Team is working on various subjects at the same time like the Beastformers Archaeology (BA) Project, the Beastformers Stories and a set of various custom projects all of which take up a lot of time. Because of this wide variety of topics and subjects passing under those various headers things remain interesting, also for the blog hopefully, but it also causes that a lot of subjects remain on the shelves. Subjects of which you might want to know more about and which you had hoped or expected to find out here but which are not available yet. And in order to get subjects or specific information requests handled and processed a little quicker you now have the chance to place a certain subject on the agenda of the Beastformers Team by making a donation. This helps us to set certain priorities by placing new subjects or topics in line to be processed and finally published out here on the Beastformers Blog while at the same time giving you the option to have influence on what´s going to be published out here in the future.

There is no standard amount set for a donation so if you feel like the Beastformers Blog is a useful source for you and you feel like donating it is completely up to you to decide the amount to donate because every donation is appreciated.

If you are a regular or die-hard visitor of the blog there is no need to feel obliged to donate because the Beastformers Blog is and will always remain completely FREE to visit since it remains a place created by and for the collectors and fans of the Battle Beasts! And of course the Beastformers Team will always be open and willing to help you out by answering your questions without a donation as well.

So the donation button (PayPal) is there for people who are able and/or willing to donate a certain amount in order to support the Beastformers Blog and to keep it going at a more steady pace. If you donate in order to get a subject in line please mention this as a note together with the donation or contact the Beastformers Team in order to make sure it reaches us correctly.

Thanks in advance and…. Enjoy the Beasts!

The Beastformers Team

4 thoughts on “Why the Donation button?

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