Rebellion on Planet Beast

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Today is July 31st and this is a special date in the history of Beastformers because in 1987 the one and only appearance of these awesome little warriors on Japanese Television in a TV Program became reality.

July 31st 1987 that´s 27 Years ago….

As part of the Transformers The Headmasters TV series the Beasts made their appearance in Episode 5 named; Rebellion on Planet Beast.

The Autobots head for planet Beast to aid the native Beastformers in repelling a Decepticon invasion.

This Episode is not only interesting to watch for all Battle Beasts collectors but it is also the most important visual link showing the connection between the Transformers and the Beastformers line in Japan. Takara initially planned to launch the Beastformers line as part of the Transformers line, which is why they did make their appearance in this episode. but along the way and the more the line spread out over the world and became known as Battle Beasts this link to the Transformers more and more faded. But on all of the original and early Japanese BB releases you can find connections to the Transformers line and the Beasts were even divided into Cybertrons (Autobots) and Decepticons (Destrons).

Luckily this Episode withstood the test of time and was saved and shared many times out on the web and even provided with an English subtitle but it also got removed many times resulting in the fact there was not really a steady source for this video so the Beastformers team decided to take responsibility here, since the link I have used to share this video on the blog previously was removed as well, and uploaded the video on Youtube in order to preserve it and make it available for all interested.

Enjoy the Beasts!


Rebellion on Planet Beast
(Transformers The Headmasters (TV Program) Episode 05)

Original airdate: 31st July 1987
Written by: Yoshihisa Araki

COPYRIGHT: All Copyrights belong to TAKARA
(All rights belong to their respective owners)

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