Beastformers Blog 1 Year


with every year
the Beasts grow older
and the blog becomes more informative

The Beastformers Blog is 1 year old today and eventhough its still far from done some important steps have been made during the first year this blog was active. All the Battle and Laser Beasts databases are online and some interesting projects have been revealed. But there is much more going on behind the scene´s at the moment because more and more Beasts and interesting pieces join the personal Beastformers collection in order to be able to share these on the blog and a lot of information and background stories are currently investigated and checked in order to come up with the true stories related to the origin of the line.

So eventhough the Beasts might have a little party to celebrate the 1st anniversary they´re aware the party is just getting started and the blog has to be extended with much more interesting facts over the comming years.

Some facts about the blog last year, which will hopefully be improved and extend this next year;

The blog had over 18.000 hits in the first year, an average of almost 50 hits a day.
Visitors and collectors from all over the word seem to have found the blog because vistors from over 40 different countries have found their way to

Thanks for your support and enjoy the Beasts!

The Beastformers Team

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