Beastformers Archeology

Beastformers Archeology

The Beastformers Archeology project is a joined venture between some die hard Battle Beasts collectors and fans out on LRG (Little Rubber Guys) in order to share the knowledge and information captured in the back stories of this vintage line in an organized and arranged way.

Everyone, who has interest in the Battle Beasts line, will know that there is a huge amount of information available out on the internet related to this line and probably the biggest, most accurate and up to date amount of info can be found on LRG thanks to an active group of fanatic collectors. BUT this does not always mean the info is indeed accurate or up to date. Since the original information around this line, only available in Japanese has either been translated in an incorrect way or it has been misinterpret overtime some back stories have become doubtful or show defective information due to new things that are still revealed once in a while. And its not only the Japanese language which has caused some info to become cloudy because it also goes for info which was thought to be known but which has been traced in time.

So the reason to combine this Beastformers Archeology team is to once and for all get some of these original background stories verified, checked, updated were needed and clearly composed so that they can be preserved as a book of reference for all current Battle Beasts collectors as well as for those who will join in the future.

All for the sake of Battle Beasts History!

Via our Instagram account: BEASTFORMERS you are able to stay up to date concerning the subjects discussed and are able to participate with helping us out with the info we are looking for. Any help is much appreciated to reach our combined goal of getting as much information and true backstories of the Battle Beasts line publicly accessible. #BeastformersArcheology

The Beastformers Team.

For now the information is only shared on LRG which is also meant to keep some extra discussions going about the subjects discussed to end up with a solid and valuable outcome resulting in the true backstories we are all looking for. In time the information shared on LRG will also become part of this blog so it will be accessible for all Battle Beasts collectors.

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