Battle Beasts call out HASBRO for Answers!

It is March 1st, 2017, and after 30 years (1987) the Beasts have decided it is time for Answers;

In the eighties we Battled for Fun…
Now we Fight for Answers!




MARCH 1 MANIFESTATION:         Behind the scenes shot (unedited)

With this massive and well organized Manifestation ¨protest¨ they hope to find a way in at Hasbro in order to have some crucial questions answered about their origin. In comparison to other, more successful, 80´s toy lines by Hasbro like Transformers, GI Joe, My Little Pony, etc. the Battle Beasts community consisting out of Fans and Collectors all over the world is relatively small meaning that we don´t have the huge numbers of a massive community behind us supporting a big company like Hasbro to react. So instead of stepping up as a community why not let the Beasts speak for themselves supporting their own 80´s slogan again after all these years;


How could Hasbro ignore a shout-out for HELP of such a colorful, well preserved and harmless army of Battle Beasts that´s completely driven and motivated by nostalgia and which after all these years is still Battling for Fun!?

Over the years the Battle Beasts community has been able to connect a lot of loose puzzle pieces and stories that were fragmented all over the place and some of the back-stories have been (partially) filled in. The Beastformers Archaeology (BA) Project, founded in 2014, has so far made some important steps towards a proper preservation of the information about this toy line as well but even with all these efforts some answers have remained unanswered… Let´s hope Hasbro will appreciate this gesture allowing us, on behalf of the Beast and the rest of the community, to ask them a couple of questions to clarify the true background stories once and for all so they can be preserved and shared for the future in the correct way.

MARCH 1 MANIFESTATION:         Behind the scenes shot (unedited)

If you happen to be working at Hasbro Pawtucket currently, or know someone who does, please help us out by getting us in touch with the right department or person within Hasbro who´s able to answer questions about this vintage 80´s Boys Toys line. All help would be much appreciated!

The Beastformers Team has a couple of lines out with former Hasbro employees already so with this Battle Beasts inspired Manifestation we are mainly aiming at Hasbro directly although if you happen to be or know a former employee who has been working on the Battle Beasts line and he or she has not been contacted by us yet please let it know as well.

After 30 years…….. it´s finally time for Answers. #BattleBeastsFightforAnswers
Let´s ensure that the Battle Beasts will be preserved and enjoyed for many years to come.

¨Making the World Smile¨
But can you also make PLANET BEAST smile?! 😉


Thanks HASBRO!

The Beastformers Team

March 1 Manifestation: Behind the scenes shot (unedited)

MARCH 1 MANIFESTATION: Behind the scenes shot (unedited)

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