The Beastformers Blog in 2017!


Hello Battle Beast friends, collectors, fans and other visitors of the Beastformers Blog, the new year is already a couple weeks underway and since 2016 has been a little slow with updates and changes to the Blog it´s time to give you some updates for the plans and ideas the Beastformers Team has for this year.

2017 is not just a random year regarding the Battle Beasts line because 30 years ago the Beasts were released and they had their heydays during the Christmas period of 1987 where almost every boy must have heard or seen about the Battle Beasts line. There were TV commercials, advertisements and all sorts of promotional activities around this line to ensure it´d become a huge success. Sadly enough for us collectors that did not go completely as planned because in a little over 1,5-2 years the line completely died out resulting in the fact that nowadays the Battle Beasts are considered a very niche toy line with only a limited amount of collectors world wide (compared to successful 80´s toy lines like Transformers or GI Joe for instance). This does not mean that the Beasts have completely left since even after 30 years there is still a group of die hard collectors who keep the line alive and make sure that the figures that are left from those days are cherished and being handled with care.

So what can we expect in this special year with the Beasts celebrating their 30th Anniversary?
There are a couple of ideas and concepts that are being discussed all of which are in such an early stage that it would not be wise to share anything about just yet in order to avoid raising expectations we can´t fulfill. But what we can share is that, as we speak, there are a couple of artists working on some Battle Beasts related pieces of art since the Beastformers Team is running some tests/selections in order to find some suitable artists for the plans we have regarding the 30th Anniversary of the Battle Beasts. Time is ticking and with a few months left it is unsure whether we´ll be able to realize the whole plan that´s on the table but you can be sure the Beastformers Blog won´t leave the Beasts without a serious celebration honoring the line for being around for so long!

If you would like to stay updated or want to keep an eye out on the progress of the tests we´re running with some of the artists please check out #BeastformersArt on Instagram because there some of these pieces will be published during the year. In general 2017 will be the year in which the Beastformers Team will be promoting this new hashtag more and more because there´s a whole group of (new) artists out there producing great pieces of art inspired by the Battle Beasts line and it´d be a shame if these go by unnoticed. So if you are an artist yourself or you know someone who´s been working on Battle Beasts related/inspired artwork please ask them to tag their work on Instagram with #BeastformersArt so that it can be enjoyed by a wider and very specific crowd, namely the Battle Beasts fans and collectors. The artwork piece on the top of this post is a great example of Battle Beasts art. This diptych piece was created by the very talented and skilled artist @redjarojam  (go check out his work on Instagram) and it was received by the Beastformers Team as part of the LittleRubberGuys Secret Santa 2016 event. Let´s hope we´ll see much more awesome pieces of Battle Beasts Art around this year!

2016 Review
Despite the fact that there were not a lot of updates/posts on the Beastformers Blog during 2016 it is good to see that the interest in the line is still growing since the Blog again welcomed more visitors than the years before and these visitors came from all over the world. Over the past year the Beastformers Blog was visited by fans and collectors of (and believe it or not) 67 (the exact number of BB released) different countries! This shows that Battle Beasts fans are all over the world with hits from Uzbekistan to Guadeloupe and from Lebanon to Puerto Rico. Most of the views came from the US, Russia, Japan, France and the Netherlands. Also this year we´re hoping to top last years results by bringing you much more news and fun facts about this line throughout the year via the Beastformers Blog as well as Social Media.

For those who are interested in the History behind the Battle Beasts line we can share that the Beastformers Archaeology Team that was founded in 2014 is still active and running through all kinds of info behind the scenes but there matter we´re facing becomes tougher and tougher so it just takes a bit more time. But there´ll definitely be some new ¨archaeological finds¨ we´ll be able to share with you later this year.

Also in 2017 the Beastformers Blog will continue to Battle with Fun to keep spreading the info and footage from our beloved 80´s Battle Beasts line via various channels. And with the 30th anniversary of the Beasts around let´s make it a Beastly year to remember 😉

Enjoy the Beasts!

The Beastformers Team

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