Project release: BEASTFORMERS 2.0

It´s been a while since the Beastformers Team has been able to share a new #BeastformersProject the last big art project on the Beastformers Blog even dates back to 2013 when the Earth Squad project was released. But as always good projects take time…..

And this time it was definitely worth the wait because while the whole blog is based upon archiving the history around the Battle Beasts, digging through info and working with figures from the 80´s, for this project a completely different approach was chosen. Because the Beastformers Team wondered what would the Battle Beasts look like today if the line had continued or when TAKARA had taken a bit more effort with the release of a sort like line?

In other words this project is not taking you back in time but it shows you how 21st century, 2.0 versions of the Battle Beasts, might look like. Go and have a look at the project page:




Every project is getting better and looks more smooth so hopefully we´ll be able to continue inspiring you to look at the Beasts from another perspective as well once in a while. As always the project would not have existed without all the great artists being involved; PlasticSoul, The Godbeast and Onell Design (for the (sculpted) parts) and Koppenschevelle (paint job and additional sculpting). A massive thanks to all of these great artists!


There is nothing like a dream to create the future.

Victor Hugo

Enjoy the read and share your thoughts on how you think 21st century Battle Beasts might/should look like!

The Beastformers Team


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