Beastformers Gallery Now Open!

Gallery Header

The Beastformers Gallery / Online Store has finally opened its digital doors!

The nice thing about the gallery shows is that without having to pay any money you can just go and see it
In the Beastformers Gallery the little pieces of art from the Vintage Battle Beasts and Laser Beasts lines will be available as well as the new Beast Saga line.

Although the Beastformers Gallery is more like an online ”art gallery” or Online Store its also important to mention that the items offered there are also open for possible trades so you are strongly suggested to make a trade offer in case your interested in a certain item.

All items that will be available in the Beastformers Gallery are carefully selected and in the case of completed sets or series they are the result of a long quest since every collector will know how difficult it is to complete a collection as such. The high standards when it comes to condition are also valid for items offered in the Gallery.

On a regular base items will be added or removed, in case they have been sold out, to maintain the idea of offering an interesting amount of figures/items related to the Beastformers lines. Sold out items will be removed / updated as soon as possible. All sales are based upon first come first served.

If the item you hoped to find in the Beastformers Gallery is not available than please have a look at the so called Specific Figure Request items so the Beastformers Team can help you with the specific figure(s) or item(s) your looking for.

Ordering from the Beastformers Gallery only works by using the Contact/Order Form.
Your order is only succesfull when you receive a confirmation email as a reply to your submitted form.

For all purchases made within the Beastformers Gallery / Online Store the Beastformers terms and conditions apply and your requested to take note of these before placing an order! See Terms & Conditions.

See you in the Beastformers Gallery!

The Beastformers Team.

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