Exclusive Limited Edition Gumball Penguin

Gumball Penguin WP Header

The Exclusive Limited Edition Gumball Penguin will be released on:

Saturday, October 19, 2013


For more information about this project please visit the Exclusive Gumball Penguin Project page.

Purchase Information: When you are planning to order a figure please keep in mind all inquiries send during the release are based upon First Come First Served principle which means that eventhough you have submitted your order just seconds after 8 PM -UTC- time on Saturday, October 19, 2013 it is possible someone was just a few seconds quicker. ALL ORDERS RECEIVED BEFORE THE EXACT RELEASE TIME WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY REJECTED AND WILL NOT BE PROCESSED! The moment you do receive and email confirmation concering a succesfull order you will be requested to pay within the next 24hrs. or your order will be cancelled and the next person in row will receive a second chance offer. All sales are final, payment has to be send as a GIFT to the Paypal account mentioned in the confirmation mail, further instructions concerning shipping will be provided in the same confirmation mail. All Penguins will be send out at the beginning of WEEK 43 (Monday, October 21) which is why the payment term is set at 24hrs.  

More details on how to get your own Penguin gumball from the Beastformers 2013 Project can be found on the Order Flyer below. 

Gumball Penguin Order Flyer

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